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New Year’s Lore

Fast away the old year passes,
Fa-la la-la la, la la la la …

It’s New Year’s Eve, and for the past several years, I have shared some fascinating lore for this most celebrated threshold time.  Everything we do on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is loaded with sympathetic magic and portents for the coming year.

You can go here and here to read my posts.  My deepest gratitude as always, to Waverly FitzGerald, who is a true Goddess of calendar lore and magickal time.

Don’t forget that the last day of the month (and the year) is sacred to Hecate. Hecate is the psychopomp, who shows the way to those crossing to the lands of the dead.  As such, She is the Guardian of the Crossroads (specifically, all mundane road crossings as well as the crossroads between realms).

She is the Triple Goddess in Her most ancient form, the trinity of Artemis the Maiden, Selene, the Mother, and by Her own name, Hecate, the Crone. Hecate is the Witch Queen, and also rules over prophecy, healing, visions and magic. This, along with the magic of New Year’s Eve, make this an outstanding night for divination, meditation and spellwork.

On this night, you might leave food at a crossroads in Her name. If you are especially wise, you will pick a crossroads where She can see to it that the hungry may eat it, whether they know it is in Her name or not.

Thus we may also fulfill the final blessings of this magical Tarot Year of the Empress, by sharing our bounty and abundance with others.

May your celebrations be safe, joyful and herald a fabulous new beginning for you!

Love and blessings,

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  • December 31, 2010, 5:29 pm Arie

    Happy New Year Beth,
    The picture of the clock reminds me of the clock self awareness exercise.
    Paying attention to the seconds hand for a whole minute. Thereafter check how much time your attention was solely with the seconds hand. Or where there any other thoughts?
    Doing this one minute before midnight, no matter where you are can be quite challenging and interesting.

  • December 31, 2010, 6:32 pm Beth

    What a wonderful exercise, Arie! Thanks so much! And thanks for stopping by and commenting.. I really do appreciate your voice and vision! Happy New Year, dear one! 🙂