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Diversity in the Multiverse

Blessed is your gift of diversity in the Multiverse
I will honor and defend it.

Okay, I will refrain from preaching to the choir here today about the horrors of monoculture; of the perilous genetic manipulation of our food and habitat; the destruction of the environment; the over 5,000 species of animals currently classified as endangered or threatened; the fact that one in every eight plant species is under threat of extinction.

And speaking of diversity I won’t go on at length about the bigotry and deep insanity of some humans towards other humans who look or behave differently from themselves.  No, I won’t talk about that. You already know.

I will just say, blessed is the gift of diversity: it is our salvation; it is our hope for survival.

And it is the ubiquitous reminder of our Divine Mother’s vast abundance, creativity, and, perhaps even, Her sense of humor.

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