Inspiring Enchantment & Illumination with Tarot & Intuitive Guidance


Blessed Mother Goddess, Queen of Heaven, She of Ten Thousand Names. Star Goddess. Mama Gaia. My Lady of the Green Wood. Brighid. Danu. Hecate. Minerva. Kuan Yin. Yemaya.

I give thanks and praises to you this day for your presence in my life and my heart.
I give thanks for your many gifts to us…

Starting with the Great Wheel of the Year,

Blessed is your gift of the Springtime…
For the gift of the seed in the ground
That bursts through the cold, dark soil;
For the renewal of life and the return of the Green.

Blessed is your gift of the Summertime,
Sticky sweet
Humming and buzzing with life
And the ripening.

Blessed is your gift of Autumn,
The cooling and the clearing,
Swirling, falling leaves of gold and crimson;
Birds on the wing,
Frosty mornings,
And the harvest gratefully gathered in.

Blessed is your gift of the Winter,
The icy winds that sweep clean the world;
The bare trees that reveal the glittering stars;
Silent roots growing deep within the land;
Sleeping, resting, going within;
The surrender to the dreaming dark.

Blessed am I the Maiden — full of adventure, laughter, strong and free …

Blessed am I the Mother – passionate, bountiful creator, lover, and protector …

Blessed am I the Crone — edgewalker, lightbearer, storyteller; seer, healer and Witch.

Blessed is your gift of Beauty in all things,
and the beautiful body and spirit you have given me,
With which I am able to celebrate, create and participate.

Blessed is the gift of Strength and Protection
That keeps me from harm this day.

Blessed is your gift of Courage and Daring
As I stand at the Crossroads.
I dare to weave and be woven this day
Into the tapestry of the Multiverse.

Blessed is the gift of Letting Go,
May I do so with grace;

Blessed is the gift of Renewal and Rebirth,
I will welcome and cherish it.

Blessed are the Green Allies
And their gifts to us
Of healing, medicine, food, beauty and breath.
May healing come to all in need,
Especially .. (names) ..

Blessed are your gifts of Abundance and Prosperity.
I will receive them with integrity and gratitude.
May they pour into my life in powerful, loving ways
So that I will thrive in harmony and balance,
And so that I can share ever more generously
With all.

Blessed is your gift of Diversity in the Multiverse
I will honor and defend it.

Blessed are your gifts of Tenderness and Comfort;
I will give and receive them graciously.
Grant that I will receive my lessons this day
Without harm, and with wisdom and empowerment,
For myself and any others affected by my learning.

Blessed are the gifts of Mystery and Magic,
I will walk the Old Path this day
In perfect love and
In perfect trust.

Blessed most of all
Is the gift of Your presence in my life –
The call that awoke and changed me forever;
The breath of life that is Your gift in every moment;
The love that enfolds me, teaches me, heals me, inspires me.

All that I am is my gift in return,
For behold – I am Your daughter and priestess.
My hands are Your hands,
My eyes are Your eyes, and
My heart belongs forever to You.

I will serve You this day with all that I have,
May it be with wisdom, beauty, skill and honor.
In grace, in love, in gratitude,
So it shall be.