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Blessings to the Crone

Blessed am I the Maiden, full of adventure and laughter,
sweet and strong and free…

Blessed am I the Mother – passionate, bountiful creator,
lover, and protector …

Blessed am I the Crone — edgewalker, lightbearer, storyteller;
Seer, healer and Witch.

* * * * * *

What aspects of the Triple Goddess do you most resonate with at this particular time in your life?  Are there any that you shy away from? What are some of the most powerful teachings (so far) that the Maiden or the Mother have brought to you?  In what ways does the Crone challenge you and bless you, especially in this, Her most powerful time of the year?

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  • December 4, 2010, 10:10 am Linda Lee

    The crone resonates in me right now with her edgewalking, storytelling, seeing. I am shying away from the mother, even while the strong instincts to protect, nurture, care remain. I let go, and am still a bountiful creator and passionate lover. The maiden adventurer calls to me, sweet, strong and free! I reach out to the crone to challenge and bless me with her wisdom. Let me listen.

  • December 4, 2010, 12:52 pm Carey

    I am one part in the mother, with glimpses of the crone. I’ve long said farewell to the maiden. She challenges me to be patient, to wait, to hold sacred the exquisite gift of anticipation. She challenges me to pause and stand in the mystery.

  • December 4, 2010, 7:03 pm Heather

    I am very much feeling the maiden in my life right now. youthful and excited about life and love. I know I shy from the mother a bit. for the most part I am a caring and nurturing person but in the aspect of *being* a mother I’m unsure of Im not sure I can handle the responsiblities emotional phyical and mental that come with rasing a child. at the age of 26 with a husband of 29 it is a topic that comes up a bit. as for the crone, this time of year I feel a sadness mixed with mystires that I do not fully understand yet.

  • December 5, 2010, 4:56 pm Rick

    Having gone through a lot of loss this past year, the Crone speaks the loudest to me, as we sing at Reclaiming’s Spiral Dance each Samhain:
    “Dark of the moon, I am all loss and grieving,
    The uncurable wound; Grandmother spider weaving.
    And if you fear to see the face of your future,
    There is a womb in me, dark place of nurture.”
    I take comfort from the idea that in our darkest place, there is also recovery, nurture, and hope of renewal.
    Lately I’ve put my focus on the Mother of Abundance, in the male aspect as The Emperor.

  • December 7, 2010, 10:29 am Beth

    I love all these wise and thoughtful responses.. Thank you!!

    I believe we transition through all Her aspects at different times that may have little to do with actual age or years.

    Even throughout the day — one minute, I am definitely in my Maiden form (ha! I just couldn’t resist saying that!!! :-)).. then I am Mothering my work in the world and creative projects. By 10pm most nights, though, beware – I am definitely in my Crone aspect!

    By the way — Rick! It is wonderful to hear from you.. It’s been a long time! Thank you for reminding us that men, too, are aspects of the Triple Goddess. I am sorry, though, to hear it has been a painful time for you. You are always most welcome here!