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Abundance and Prosperity

Blessed are your gifts of abundance and prosperity.
I will receive them with integrity and gratitude.
May they pour into my life in powerful, loving ways
So that I will thrive in harmony and balance,
And so that I can share ever more generously
with all.

What do you perceive as wealth?  In what ways can you look upon your life, right now, as it is (even with the holiday bills coming due!) and know you are rich? Or is this not true at all for you?  How might you make yourself more receptive to the fertile, nourishing nature of the world around you? What does “prosperity” really mean to you?  What do you need to flourish and thrive?

All these and more are the questions my heart has to make peace with, as I make this prayer every day.  What about you?

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  • December 23, 2010, 1:48 pm Joanna

    My intention for the fourth candle of the solstice prayer wheel:
    “I daily experience the abundance and benevolence of the universe.”
    I have been praying this intention for several years now, and my approach has evolved from an almost desperate grasping at possible signs of wealth, to one of gratitude for the true abundance in my life.

    On a related note: The 5 of pentacles came up as the best possible outcome in a 3 card reading I did regarding going to a workshop on ancestral and familial healing. What?! That threw me for a loop, because the other card (for Yes, go!) was the 3 of cups. In meditating on the 5, I came to the understanding that yes, if I spent the money I would have less money. But in the card, the _coins are in the church window_ — The money I spent would be supporting a spiritual leader in my community. What a revelation! This reminded me a bit of your advice, Beth, that we who are readers and healers do well to financially support others in our professions, since in doing so we show that we value this work.