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An Update and an Invitation

Thanks to everyone who has been inquiring, and sending good thoughts and energy for the revival of my computer.

The backup I was using when my Mac failed to boot Monday morning was a brand new, Western Digital external 1T hard drive (“My Book for Mac”).  It uses software misnamed “Smartware,” because it was a catastrophic failure. It was not smart enough to recognize or backup my most important files (because they were not stored where it thought they should be).   I am explaining this in such detail because if you are running this particular machine, beware!

So the bottom line is that I have lost most of the last 2 years or so of emails, articles, notes, business materials, sales data, and so on. 🙁

And please let me remind you – if you are waiting for a reply from me about some matter you might have emailed about, and have not heard back from me, I fear your message was probably lost in the kerfuffle. So please forgive me and try again!

But enough about that!

The Wheel of Fortune has turned and I am really delighted to switch gears today!

Today I am teaching my “Reading for Others” class!  Best of all, if you are eligible, there is still plenty of room! Join us!

To be eligible, you must have taken either or both of my introductory courses, “Tarot I: Planting the Seed,” or “Tarot II: The Wisdom Journey.”  Recently, or long ago, you are warmly welcome!

This is a very, very fun class and I love teaching it because it is custom-made for Tarot people who want to be of service.  From beginning to read for family and friends, all the way to moving into and enhancing your professional skills, this class covers it all.

And I love to make it different every time, depending on what your needs are!

So even if you have already taken this is in the past, I’ve got new exercises, new material, and will be gearing it towards your current needs and concerns. Whatever you want to talk about today – we will discuss it!

So come to Dancing Moon Books in Raleigh today after lunch.  Class starts at 1pm and concludes at 6. Bring your Tarot journal, your decks and your questions!  More details are here!  I can’t wait to see you!