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Blessings to Hecate

Sparks from the hearth
Of the Queen of Death and Life.
Swarm through the dark,
Dance through the night.

Sparks, © J. Robin Gall
from Reclaiming Second Chants, Serpentine Music Productions

On Samhain, we mark the transformation of the Goddess to Her Dark Mother and Crone aspects. We give thanks for the many gifts of Cerridwen, the Cailleach, Hecate, Hel, Kali, the Norns, the Morrigan, and the Baba Yaga, to name but a few. For these are the fierce Wise Ones who brook no nonsense, and challenge us to grow beyond our comfort zones, to face our truth, and be fully engaged in the sacredness of our lives.

And as I note every month, the last day of the month is sacred to Hecate, Triple Goddess of Witches and She who guards the crossroads. Samhain night especially belongs to Her. For She is Goddess of the Night, who teaches us the ancient Mysteries. Let us honor Her with a supper prepared in the dark of the Moon and left at a crossroads.

Step this night across the threshold into your own sacred Unknown, with the blessings of Hecate.

May She bring you the transformation you most need —  tenderly, lovingly and surely. May you celebrate with your beloved dead; and may the Dark Mother cradle you with Her infinite compassion and wisdom.

Happy New Year!

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