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Blessings of the Full Blue Moon in Aries

Under the Full Moon light
We dance spirits
Dance we dance joining
Hands we dance joining
Souls rejoice

– Libana

Tonight’s Full Moon is a Blue Moon, not because it is a second Full Moon in a calendar month, but because it is a second Full Moon in an astrological sign. We had a Full Moon on September 23 at 0 degrees Aries, and now this one is at 29 Aries.

Astrologer Diane Lang (a.k.a. Neith) writes, “Compared to the first Full Moon in Aries with its T-Square to Pluto in Capricorn, this one is much lower key and better for taking stock of what is going on in your life. The Sun enters Scorpio the next day and life will take on a very different tone and it behooves us to be prepared.”

The October Full Moon has many names, including the Blood Moon, the Shedding Moon, Winterfelleth (Winter Coming), Windermanoth (Vintage Month), Falling Leaf Moon, Ten Colds Moon, Moon of the Changing Season.

This Moon mother takes her name not from blood sacrifices, but from the old custom of killing and salting down the livestock before the Winter months. Only the choicest stock was kept through the cold season; the weaker animals who stood less chance of surviving were slaughtered. This practice paid off twice – to ensure that there was enough food for the strongest of the livestock to survive the lean months, and to add to the food supply of the family (or tribe) itself during the Winter months.

Thus, this is a time that resonates with the lessons of death and the harsher aspects of the Goddess. It is sometimes a difficult wisdom that we must choose to remove that which drains or threatens the energy of the greater good.

October or Octem, was the eighth month in the pre-Gregorian Roman calendar. In ancient Greece, the Thesmophoria was performed annually at this Full Moon.  The Thesmophoria was second only to the Eleusinian Mysteries in importance to the Demeter cults of the ancient world.

It was a rite restricted to women only. This was unusual in the Greek world since, although the Gods often had Priests and the Goddesses had Priestesses, festivals were usually open to both men and women. The rites themselves were closely guarded secrets, but because of its timing, and the few details we know of it, it was almost surely an observance honoring Demeter’s grief as Kore (Persephone) made Her annual descent to the Underworld. By extension, it was a time for the women to privately share the sorrowful and angry aspects of motherhood, particularly when their beloved children have been taken from them.

To celebrate tonight’s Moon, I can recommend a number of excellent astrological meditations, including a wonderful article by Julia Bondi, “Intuitive Message for the Aries Full Moon: The Leader You’re Looking for is You” and “What If the Moon Was In Retrograde?” by Auntie Moon.

But I especially like how my friend Lynn Hayes summarizes this powerful Moon. She tells us, “The Full Moon on Friday, October 22nd, is at the very last degree of Aries. Aries is the sign of initiation and courage; the sign that inspires us to forge ahead despite our fears and anxieties and make things happen. The 29th degree is a symbol of completion, and the Full Moon is the symbol of fulfillment and readiness for gestation. There is a sense here of a readiness for personal growth and evolution that can come to fruition if our conscious intention reflects the purity of the Will…

“Full Moon times are full of emotional and spiritual power; the Moon represents the heart of our being as well as our emotional heart, and during the Full Moon we have an opportunity to easily strip away the layers or protection that the personality builds to shield the Moon from danger, but which also separates us from our own hearts.”

May your rites be blessed!

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