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Tarot Card of the Week: Sept. 13-19, 2010

Talent works, genius creates.
— Robert A. Schumann

Back again for the fifth time this year! This could be a new record for repeat appearances!

As I wrote previously, the Threes of the Tarot are cards of transition; they are the fruit born of the marriage of opposites and the outcome of what was begun in the Twos. And this three, more than any of the others in the Minor suits, invokes that most powerful and fruitful Three, The Major Arcana Empress: creativity manifested.

Of course, we are in the Year of the Empress. It is the last one that most of us will see in our lifetimes (there will be only one more in this millennium, and that will be in the year 2100). Before this rare, lush, juicy year ends, what do you want to have created?

The Pentacles deal with practical matters — work, home, health, money, and physical manifestation. So this card shows the artisan pausing as his work is evaluated by both the merchant (in the colorful cloak) and the clergyman, who we may presume is the priest or abbot of the building under construction.

In its past appearances, I have focused on how this card encourages collaboration. No matter how much talent someone may have, no one is truly a solo act. Even the most dazzling superstar has help – the teachers that helped to cultivate that talent and the patrons and helpers behind the scenes that give him or her the ability to step onto the stage and shine.

This week, it also strikes me as a reminder of how it is important to integrate our own many roles into wholeness.

To build something that is of lasting beauty and usefulness, like the cathedral under construction in this card, we need more than artistic vision. We need more than funding. We even need more than a spiritual foundation to give it blessings. We need all three functioning at an optimum level.

For instance, some of the most beautiful souls I know of, whose great gift it is to serve the spiritual needs of their communities, end up failing to fulfill their true promise, because they have not learned to coordinate the financial practicalities of their practice. Similarly, there are magnificently creative people who never reach their full potential, because they are unable to sustain themselves through their art.

But by the same token, the world is full of money-making whiz-kids who have no spiritual compass, nor even any actual product or service that they offer.  Instead, they just shuffle numbers, maximizing their profits, but adding nothing to the betterment of society.

Unless we can create a successful interweaving of these three pillars – economic sustainability; spiritual meaning; and creative ability, that which we wish to build will not serve for long, nor will it stand the test of time.

In what ways could this week’s card be an invitation for you to examine the health of these three ingredients in your life?  Do you tend to compartmentalize and keep these three elements separate from each other? How might you prosper creatively, physically and spiritually if you instead combined them together as a whole?

In order to manifest your full potential, are there issues you need to address regarding financial matters? What skills might need improving or more attention?

By cultivating the spiritual dimension of our work, refusing to disconnect our soul from our job, even the most mundane job can become a rich experience of the divine.  Or perhaps this is an opportunity for you to bring more of your creative talent into your work and your spirituality.

This week, consider how life could be more meaningful and beautiful if you were better able to balance the powerful threesome of creativity, spirituality, and financial stability?

When we are willing to combine our talent and spiritual calling with the practical side of hard work, cathedrals are possible.

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  • September 14, 2010, 10:25 am Maria

    Interesting questions again, Beth! That is exactly what I am hoping to do at some point – combine creativity, spirituality, and work. It’s not possible in my present job, and that’s one reason I’m not happy with it.