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Sharing Our Beads

My thanks to Heather, who is the first to come forward and share her beautiful beads and prayers.  I welcome your own beads, as well!  Please drop me an email and a photo and I will be delighted to post your creations.

Isn’t this lovely?  I love how each of the larger green beads is a reminder to breathe!

Here are her prayers that go with it:

*Take a deep breath* (starting with the large flat green bead)

Today is good (large yellow and blue spotted bead).

I am loved (pink heart).

I am beautiful (flat purple).

I am smart (purple cube).

*Take a deep breath *

All life is sacred (large green leaf).

All life is connected (copper knotwork).

I am a part of the universe (small light green leaf).

Life is magic (grey stone).

*Take a deep breath*

I cannot control everything (black and purple swirl).

We are all dying (flat black stone).

Life in every breath (clear flower).

There is always more to learn (pink spiral).

*Take a deep breath*

Today is a gift (clear with white and yellow splash).

Love fully (large clear heart).

Laugh often (purple bunny rabbit).

Never despair (blue tear drop).

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  • September 2, 2010, 2:08 pm judy

    thank you to Heather for sharing her delightful creation!

  • September 3, 2010, 9:10 am Maria

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us!