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Prayer Bead for Summer

Blessed Mother Goddess, Queen of Heaven, She of Ten Thousand Names. Star Goddess. Mama Gaia. My Lady of the Green Wood. Brighid. Danu. Hecate. Minerva. Kuan Yin. Yemaya.

I give thanks and praises to you this day for your presence in my life and my heart.
I give thanks for your many gifts to us…

Starting with the Great Wheel of the Year,

Starting with the Springtime…

For the gift of the seed in the ground
That bursts through the cold, dark soil;
For the renewal of life and the return of the Green;

For the sweet calling of birds;
For the birthing of young;
For fragrant blossoming of buds
That burst forth into bloom…

Blessed is your gift of the Summertime, just now departed…
Sticky sweet
Humming and buzzing with life
And the ripening…