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Celebrating the Overturning of California Proposition 8

Just for fun, today I offer a video in honor of the overturning of the unjust and unconstitutional Prop 8 in California.  The fight is not over, but let’s take a moment here to celebrate!  Sending much laughter and love, especially to all my dear Cali couple friends.  Mazel tov!

(Thanks to Barbara M. who posted the link on Facebook.  Except for the non-removable ads, LOVE it! Smooches to YOU!)

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  • August 6, 2010, 12:25 pm judy

    Hah!.. what a good laugh, thanks, Beth(and Barbara).
    I was at a gay garden wedding last week-end. It was beautiful and it felt so right that I couldn’t help but think that if only people could be a part of other people’s lives this way.. surely intolerance and judgementalism would dissolve.