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Tarot Card of the Week – July 5-11, 2010

In summer, the song sings itself.
– William Carlos Williams

Once again, in this Year of the Empress, she appears as our card of the week.  And what a week this will be!  Of course, we are in the most lush season of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.  Summer is ripening, as full, fertile and abundant as the Empress herself.

And across the globe, we are in what astrologer Ralfee Finn describes as, “a powerful psychic field” between the lunar eclipse on June 26, and this Sunday’s total solar eclipse.

Solar eclipses always occur on the New Moon, and this is the New Moon in the sign of Cancer, which is, in fact, ruled by the Moon.

Ralfee explains that, “Both the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse occur on the Cancer/Capricorn axis. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, symbolizes the mother and the longing to belong; Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, symbolizes the father, and the structures that help society to cohere.

“Both signs signify issues of safety and security. As the eclipse effect continues, you or someone you love is likely to be overly concerned with these issues. Rather than dismissing these concerns, allow them to be indicators of feelings still in need of conscious integration.”

How perfect, then, that the card I think of as the Tarot’s representation of the Great Mother, appears.   Since the Empress just visited on another very important New Moon (the Aries New Moon in April), you can read my more conventional interpretation here.  But for today, I simply offer this song/poetry in her honor.

Whatever lies ahead in this powerful week, may the Empress remind us that we are surrounded by abundance and we are  always safely in the arms of our Mother.

Barge of Heaven

Your crescent shaped barge of heaven
So well belayed, so well belayed.
Full of loveliness like the New Moon,
Your fertile fields well-watered
Hillock lands well-watered, too.
At your mighty rising
The vines rise up and the fields rise up
And the desert fills with green
Just like a living garden.
In the heat of the sun, you are the shade
A well of water in a dry, dry land,
Swelling fruits to feed the hungry
Sweet cream to quench our thirst,
Pour it out for me, pour it out for me
Everything you send me I will drink.

Lyrics adapted by Starhawk
from the Sumerian praise poem to Inanna,
translated Thorkild Jacobsen
Recorded on: “Second Chants,” Reclaiming, 1994
© Serpentine Music, P.O. Box 2564, Sebastopol, CA 95473

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  • July 5, 2010, 8:18 pm Helen/Hawk

    FYI: Serpentine Music is based in Sebastopol, CA.

    (in other words, there’s a “t” in there)

  • July 6, 2010, 8:11 am Beth

    Ooops! Of course there is! Thanks and my apologies to all the folks of Sebastopol! (blushing) ….