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Blessings of the Full Moon in Aquarius

Human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them… Life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves.
— Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Blessings of the Full Aquarius Moon!  This magical summer Moon is known as the Hay Moon, Wort Moon, Moon of Claiming, the Blessing Moon, Maedmonat (Meadow Month), Hewimanoth (Hay Month), Fallow Moon, Buck Moon, and the Thunder Moon.

As the Blessing Moon, this is a powerful opportunity for magic, connected as it is to the blessings of the sacred marriages of earth and sky, or dark and light, or the King and Queen of Summer. This is the Moon for making wishes, for reveling in the abundance of Nature. Eat well, make love, plant vegetables, and make babies if that is your desire, for this is a nurturing, lush time when all that is conceived and created will bring health, happiness and abundance.

When the Moon is full, it is in the opposite sign of the zodiac from the Sun’s sign. So, since the Sun is now in Leo, the Moon is in Aquarius. This Moon features a harmonious trine, and as astrologer Rhea Wolf writes, “With the Full Moon in Aquarius on July 25th, the focus is on freedom, intellectual exchange, and humanitarianism. We may feel friendlier toward others and quicker to offer help out of a desire for mutual liberation. This is generally a less emotionally driven, more rational Full Moon, as we strive to put emotional reactions aside and work out our problems intellectually for the overall welfare of society. The energy of the Aquarian Full Moon asks us to honor our own uniqueness as it relates to building more humane groups and better ways of organizing.

“Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, the awakener, so the power of this Full Moon is definitely intense, breaking down barriers to our own growth and creating breakthroughs in consciousness. We may feel flooded with uplifting ideas and energy at this time, or feel fizzle-fried and isolated by the frenetic pace of our lives. Take time to celebrate the community you belong to and to revel in your own gifts.

“We have the chance here to see the big picture and to see how our individuality plays an important role in the shaping of the collective. How do you let your specialness marginalize you from others? Where do you hold yourself back from collaboration? It may be time to shift some focus from the ‘I’ to a bigger, more powerful “We.” Take a look at your hopes and fears for the future and prepare the way for the divine spark to manifest through YOU.”

Therefore, on this Thunder Moon, may the lightning that strikes be your wisdom, your inspiration and powerful revelations of a new, innovative, Aquarian awareness.  It is time to manifest your highest ideals.

I would be remiss, however, not to remind you that if you have been reading here for a while, or reading the monthly astrology  digest in my newsletter, or any other astrological discussions, you might know that we are in the zenith right now of a powerful combination of crosses, which are often tense and challenging.  We are now in the two week period that astrologer Dan Furst calls the innermost Chinese box of a series of climactic moments that will shape human destiny.

One comes tomorrow, bringing us the final and possibly most volatile of a series of direct confrontations between the planet of rebelliousness, innovation and surprises – Uranus; and the methodical, conservative planet of structure, Saturn. Almost two years have passed since their first face-off in November 2008, on election day in the U.S. as a matter of fact.

This battle between conservative Saturn and radical Uranus forces issues of authority and order versus innovation and revolution.  StarIQ astrologer Jeff Jawer notes that, with four previous oppositions already behind us, we have hopefully used this time to “find a workable stance between playing it safe and making changes. Ideally, enough self-respect, purpose and discipline have been established, creating a strong foundation to support our most liberating and original aspirations.”

As we make our wishes on this Blessing Moon, let us all wish for this to be so. Blessed be.