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WINGS In Flight!

Just a brief note to let you know the June issue of my newsletter, WINGS, was emailed today.  Did you get yours?  I hope so! The June edition is chock full of important information, especially regarding the once-in-a-lifetime astrological alignment now in play. It is a combination that every astrologer I know of has been discussing for years.

As you may know, I send WINGS out once a month, with rare but occasional updates between.  If you are a subscriber, you should have gotten today’s by now!

What to do if you’re not getting my newsletter  (and you thought you were supposed to!)

There are many email and SPAM filtering settings that could possibly block my emails.

Usually, all you need to do is add me (zenrose (the at symbol) @ and then nc (dot) rr (dot) com)  to your email address book, approved sender list, contacts list, white list, or safe list.  It is called different things in different email programs. This is the most important component, to make sure that my newsletter reaches you right away.

If you used to get it, and have stopped receiving it for some reason, and you’re sure my email is in your approved list, please try contacting your Internet Service Provider to find out if my messages are being blocked.

Also –  when you enrolled for your subscription, if you did not provide me with your name (at least a first name), your Spam Filter may reject WINGS because it does not have a personal reference to you by name.

If this is the case, you’ll probably know it, because your newsletters might be referring to you as “no name” or “John,” even if that’s not your name. Just email me with your correct name info, and I’ll be happy to fix that for you!

If you are still having trouble receiving yours, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Why You Should Be Subscribing To My Newsletter

I have had so many people tell me that my newsletter is, hands down, their favorite email subscription.  I believe it’s because I try to make sure that it is a real newsletter, not just a long self-promotion in disguise.  While I do include some of my own news and announcements, I spend a lot of time gathering other kinds of interesting information, to help make your life more juicy and enjoyable!

You’ll find inspiring people, important events, and thoughtful articles about subjects of all sorts.  Including, of course, plenty of Tarot!

So, don’t miss a single issue!  The sign-up form is at the top of this page in the right column. If you haven’t subscribed yet, don’t be shy!  Get your piping hot, fresh June edition today!

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