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Tarot Card of the Week: June 21-27, 2010

True compassion is not just an emotional response but a firm commitment founded on reason.
— His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso)

This is a profoundly important week that begins with the Sun entering the sign of Cancer. That means it is the Summer Solstice in the northern Hemisphere, and the Winter Solstice in the lands below the Equator. That would be enough to make this week’s card momentous.  But there is much more.

According to countless astrologers who have spent years preparing us for this Summer’s dramatic energy, this week marks the point of no return. This Solstice sets off a Cardinal T-square alignment, which comes together on this Saturday’s eclipsing Full Moon.  Astrologer Dan Furst describes this as, “An alignment of terrific power…[in which] .. all the planets and the Moon’s Nodes are linked in one tremendous configuration.”

I’ll have lots more to say about this in my newsletter (coming out this week), but for now, the question is — how do we cope with such gravely important cosmic energies?

From a lifetime of experimentation and experience, I can tell you that the Tarot is a fantastic tool for precisely such situations.

Tarot can show us our strengths, our challenges, our gifts, our lessons. No matter what the circumstances, it always points to our truth and therefore, to our power.  In short, it is an intimately calibrated navigation device for traveling our soul’s journey, both personally, and as a part of the momentous cultural and historic context in which we live.

So with all this in mind, I was grateful to discover that our guide through this epic week will be the King of Cups. The Kings of the Tarot are the overt, assertive personification of the suit’s energy. They are the builders, fathers, and rulers. They represent maturity, discipline, and mastery. They point to our own capacity to realize our full potential. And of course, the Cups preside over the element of Water, and the realms of emotions, empathy, intuition, and love.

Of all the Kings, the King of Cups would be the most gentle and compassionate leader. I often see him as being like the Dalai Lama, who is himself a watery Cancerian.   He embodies compassion, forgiveness and calls kindness his religion.  But, as you can tell from his quote above, he is no wimp. He is the dynamic leader of his nation as well as his ancient spiritual tradition.  And he also very actively opposes the injustice and oppression of the Chinese occupation of his country.

In addition to the astrological significance this week, I also wonder who might be the King who would protect the holy waters of our blue Earth? Will you and I step forth, perhaps in the name of the Sea Father, Neptune, exerting all of our power and love to ensure that the source of all life on this planet is protected and runs freely, cleanly for all?

Even in the most hectic or stressful situations, the King of Cups is a person who radiates peace. If there is ever a crisis, this is the person you want to have around, lending a calm, loving hand. This person has an innate talent for cool-headedness (which should never be mistaken for aloofness), creativity, and balance.

Someone with the King of Cups energy would be a successful practitioner of the healing arts (either traditional or esoteric). A very sensitive soul, they also make wonderful teachers, counselors, spiritual leaders, and artists. They may also be found practicing law, or in advocacy for those who are unable to defend themselves, for their heart-centered orientation often compels them to seek justice. And their maturity, empathy and ability to go with the flow give them an edge in all matters of diplomacy.

Perhaps this is the time for you to seek such a healer, counselor, or wise listener. Who, in your current situation, balances both the cup of dreams and love in one hand, and the scepter of power in the other?

How might you be called upon to find this power in yourself? In a time of huge, fateful energies at work, consider how compassion may be required from you, especially in matters of great significance. In what ways are you called on to exercise mature restraint when emotions run high, as they are bound to right now?

Those who are emotionally and psychically sensitive are going to be especially so in the days ahead. Follow the example of the King and rise above pettiness or the temptation to indulge in emotional drama and histrionics.  Instead, we are called upon to use our sensitivities for a higher purpose of good. Who is in need of your kindly wisdom? Who could be healed by your compassion? In gentleness, there is great power; with forgiveness, profound change is possible.

Listen deeply to your dreams and your heart’s wisdom. Consciously choose to be centered in kindness. Your own acts of grace and good ripple outward; we will never know whose choice for love could become the tipping point that turns a global tide.

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  • June 21, 2010, 2:56 pm Terry

    Dear Beth,
    Thanks for being the conduit for disseminating so much compassion and caring during these massive transformative times. Reading this, seeing The King of Cups gives me chills… Not only for our own country’s leader during this time but also because it is in such alignment with your other posts linking with the Grandmothers’ call and Shamans around the world for all of us, to call upon our own King within, to hold our world in Love and Compassion… weaving a net of Light… Heart to Heart…. connected to the Divine in All Life… as we ride the waves of transformation as fearlessly as humanly possible.

  • June 21, 2010, 6:49 pm Rose Vanden Eynden

    A beautiful post, Beth, as well as a call to all of us to exercise our compassionate natures in all areas of our lives. I am a Cancer, and already I feel the stirring of this energy surge that’s coming up. Your post has helped me to remember the most important undercurrents of love and compassion as I face the oncoming onslaught! 🙂 Blessings to you, dear.

  • June 21, 2010, 7:26 pm Lunaea Weatherstone

    We are on the same wavelength, Beth! The King of Water (Cups) in my Full Moon Dreams Tarot is indeed represented by His Holiness. Looking at the image now, that dark ocean behind him has even more significance to me. Thanks for a thought-provoking post, as always.

  • June 22, 2010, 8:34 am Beth

    OMGs! I hadn’t realized this, Lunaea! What a beautiful image.. thanks for mentioning this!

    Folks, just in case you didn’t know, Lunaea, among all her many other exquisite magical talents, is first-rate Tarotist and offers a beautiful, very powerful deck, the Full Moon Dreams Tarot. Check it out!

    And Lunaea, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!
    – Beth

  • June 22, 2010, 11:36 am Maria

    Great post, Beth! And timely for me because I am a Cancerian AND I pulled the King of Cups twice last week (I try to pull a card a day to help me to learn more about the Tarot and its energies). I love your description, and I am asking myself where in my life I need to “balance both the cup of dreams and love in one hand, and the scepter of power in the other.”

  • June 22, 2010, 5:39 pm Regina

    I’m SO happy to see the King of Cups presiding over this week! He is MUCH welcome!
    And thank you, Beth, for such a wonderful way of describing and explaining the Tarot, what it is and how it works (“…an intimately calibrated navigation device for traveling our soul’s journey…”). I must remember that!