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Wishing You A Most Blessed Beltane!

Song of Beltane

by Caitlin Matthews

I am the calm, I am the quickening,
I am the intoxication and the force,
I am the silence, I am the singer,
I am the stallion galloping to its source.

I am the bright pavilion and the feasting,
I am the wedding couple and the bed,
I am the morning chorus and the heartbeat,
I am the goal to which all paths are led.

This image is from last night’s huge annual public festival of Beltane in Edinburgh, Scotland. The May Queen and Her consort, The Green Man share their mutual delight. For more photos, click the image.
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  • May 3, 2010, 9:45 am Isar

    Wow, Beth! Thanks for the link to some wonderful pix of Edinburgh’s festival. This would be worth travelling for!