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The Saced Waters, The Holy Earth

I am sharing a timely message today from the beautiful book of meditations and exercises that is a part of my own daily practice, The Celtic Spirit, by Caitlín Matthews.

So many people are mobilizing support and prayers — all focused on healing our hemorrhaging Mother Earth and Her dying children due to the BP oil disaster. I hope you will be inspired by these words, more urgent than ever, and that you and your loved ones will take action on behalf of all affected by this mind-boggling catastrophe, as well as to heal the countless smaller wounds our species is daily inflicting on our beloved Mother.  Blessed be.

May 22 – The Holy Earth

from The Celtic Spirit: Daily Meditations for the Turning Year
© Caitlín Matthews

There is no state or condition more holy than the Earth.

– R. J. Stewart, Power Within the Land

The British writer R.J. Stewart makes this firm and startling claim to counter the ways in which the physical world has been disregarded and disrespected for so many centuries. He does not state that there is nothing but the earth, only that we should regard it as equally holy with every other realm.

This is quite a difficult thing for many people to do, especially those raised in the belief that the earth and all its works are somehow spoiled from the outset and that the only holy condition is the heavenly one.  This concept and others like it have soured our relationship with the earth, causing us to abuse it as a commodity, a provider of resources, and a place to live our mundane lives as we wish.

What is holiness, and how can the earth be said to be holy?  Holiness is nothing less than a condition of wholeness, completion and attunement.  The earth is holy in that it is the womb of manifest life, the partner in holiness with the otherworld, which is the originative fructifier of life.  Both sides of this alchemical partnership are equally important; we cannot leave one of them out of the equation.

Awareness of the earth’s holiness and partnership with the otherworld is still possible, especially when we stand at a place upon the earth where the veil between the worlds is thinner.   In such a place, we can still intuit earthly holiness. Even though the earth’s surface has been abused, it is nonetheless a living womb of holy life, and we are its children.

Meditate upon the earth as a holy place, and your own human state as a holy condition.

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  • May 22, 2010, 12:51 pm bonnie cehovet

    May each of us take this to heart.

  • May 22, 2010, 4:18 pm Lu

    My refuge lama (Buddhist teacher) told me recently that there are two reasons why we need to care for the earth, namely: (1) The earth sustains us, so what is good for the earth is good for us; and (2) There are many unseen beings and spirits who can be harmed by pollution. Not all of them are “nice.” If and when they are harmed, they look for ways to take revenge on those who have harmed them. There is a mounting emphasis, in the lineage in which I study, on environmental protection and preservation. As Bonnie says, “May each of us take this to heart.” Thank you for this post, Beth.

  • May 22, 2010, 4:43 pm Carey

    Thank you for posting this today Beth. This is a profound and poignant truth which could turn the key if we allow it to penetrate our consciousness. (I keep erasing my comment because I can’t find the words to describe how it has nearly exploded into my soul.) This is a world of asceticism, and bodily denial and has been revered for centuries as spiritual and Holy perfection…how could we love and care for the physicalness of our Gorgeous and Luscious Mother Earth when we have been taught that our own bodies are are to be ignored, covered, denied, ignored, starved, distorted, drained and reconstructed. ( I don’t mean this audience of course.)

    Also to bring us back to Bonnie’s comment. “may each of us take this to heart.”

    Blessings and much Gratitude,