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Tarot Card of the Week: May 10-16, 2010

Expect your every need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level.
— Eileen Caddy

This week, we are visited by a card that has only appeared once before, and that was back in 2006.  The Ace of Pentacles represents the power of the Earth, for the Pentacle is a magical tool that is ruled by the element of Earth and North. The Disc or Pentacle may represent a sacred shield, a coin, or even a scrying mirror of destiny. But its power is to manifest in physical reality that which your imagination (Air), desire (Fire), or heart (Water) may long for.

As with all Aces of the Tarot, this card holds the full potential of its suit. Each Ace shows the hand of the Divine emerging from a cloud and offering a gift.  This Ace is being given from within a garden, that numinous place where the will of Nature and humanity work in harmony, the place from which some of the major religions, sadly, believe we have been exiled and banished.

Interestingly, this is the only Ace that does not portray the Yods, the golden symbols of the Divine spark of creativity and genesis. This is because, as Tarot expert Rachel Pollack notes, “The Earth in its completeness and solid reality, bears its own magic.”

For the many, many people who are out of work in this difficult economy, or who are struggling financially, there is tremendous hope in this card. The Ace of Pentacles heralds possibilities for our prosperity, abundance, health, security and groundedness. In this most magical Springtime, with the earthy Taurus New Moon this week, it is time to plant your seeds of productivity. When those seeds sprout, they could take a variety of wonderful forms.

On an inner level, you might discover a new awareness of feeling centered, or a desire for measurable results. Or you may realize it is time to focus on practical matters. In the external, material world, it could manifest as a new job, a gift, an opportunity, or a synchronistic encounter.

If you are considering entering into a contractual agreement of some sort, especially one that can bring you financial rewards, or that perhaps heralds a new career direction, now is an auspicious time. The Mercury retrograde ends this Tuesday (Eastern time), so legal agreements, documents, and even travel will be less problematic (bearing in mind that the “shadow period,” when Mercury returns to its position before it “backed up” does not occur until the 28th).

This week, there is a potential for a new start, one that has, in its very structure, the elements for a successful outcome. Could there be a promotion, new job, or inheritance coming for you? Are you considering buying a new home, or upgrading your current dwelling?  The Ace of Pentacles indicates the timing is fortunate.

Additionally, be on the lookout for a new opportunity or gift that brings you a sense of physical pleasure. This is a time to re-discover the wonders of your physical body.  Perhaps you might begin a new workout regimen or learn to prepare new kinds of nurturing foods.  You might also like to explore new sensual delights.

This Ace is a bit conservative, and it does not give you a green light for wild risk-taking or extreme fantasy.  But if your activities are grounded, practical and steady, very good things are likely.

In what ways might you introduce a new level of comfort, beauty and solidity to your life?  How can you use this opportunity to improve your sense of abundance and security?  Is it time to begin a new, happier relationship with money?

Build a strong foundation and plant the seeds of what nurtures you, for you can expect a fruitful harvest in the days to come. Ground yourself in work that you love, in the body that brings you pleasure, and align yourself with the beautiful Earth Herself.  By doing so, you can discover that Paradise was never lost, it is here and now.

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  • May 10, 2010, 10:38 am Madeline

    A perfect card for my week! We have a new staff member in our office and this is allowing me more time for MY spouse has a very busy business week coming up and the future looks bright! Now, we WORK OUR BUTTS OFF for this, but the Abundance is there if we do in fact focus on the meaningful work.I hope this card brings opportunities to those in need of jobs and a financial boost. So mote it BE!

  • May 10, 2010, 6:14 pm Starflower

    I was wondering what card would turn up for today! Magic was happening at the new shop. A new consignor brought in some beautiful hand-made necklaces, rings, & earrings this morning. I had been anticipating this artist’s work with great joy, because I could tell the pieces carry good energy. Within less than 1 hour of her jewelry being in the shop and before I even had it all priced and placed, one of the necklaces sold with ease. I have had abundance this month, despite the cold keeping people in, the economy, and the many disasters around the earth. Today was unexpectedly bright. I look forward to the energy of this card manifesting. So Mote It BE!