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Blessings of the Taurus New Moon!

Dark of the Moon,
New beginnings;
Dark of the Moon,
Plant a seed tonight.
Dark of the Moon,
What we envision
Will come to be by the Full Moon’s light.

As you know by now, I have decided to step back from my years of posting every single day. And with that decision, it appears that I will not be posting about any particular “theme,” as I have in the past, either.

Instead, as I note in the left column,  “I am allowing the magic here to slowly reveal itself. There is no particular theme for now, no schedule for posting, and no special agenda.  Rather, my only intention is to make space for subtle flow. I invite what is true, what is beautiful, and in harmony with the Divine Sublime.”

So embracing the energy of this New Moon of Taurus I choose today to make this new, slower pace and free-form intention official.

For while the Aries energy of initiation and new beginnings has passed, astrologer Lynn Hayes writes that this New Moon energy “is perfect for beginning any new project connected to the Taurean desire for beauty, comfort and security. Saving money for the future, spending time relaxing, working in the yard and connecting to the Earth Goddess, or finding the inner strength to persevere through adversity – all of these are valuable Taurean themes to consider now.”

Rebecca Brents, astrologer and editor of EnchantedSpirit adds, “With the arrival of the New Moon in Taurus, the theme of life’s creative cycle — and the focus of people in general — becomes more sensual, more considerate of emotions and feelings, more compassionate, helpful, tolerant, and solicitous. That admirable Taurus readiness to help shoulder a burden and tote another’s load wedges its way into human interaction. A touch of charm and empathy enhances relationships. Peace and harmony have a chance to assume priority in people’s lives. After the intense and competitive push of Aries energy for the last few weeks … this can be an indescribable relief.

“This energy is very attentive, dependable, kind-hearted, considerate, long-suffering, and accommodating. There is extra emphasis on being cautious, firm, authentic, and resolute. It is a good time to protect the status quo, to take stock of your resources and possessions, to examine your abstract values, and to focus on ‘how you take care of yourself’ — physically, financially and emotionally. It is also a good time to relax a little, enjoy life, carry through with established plans, and indulge yourself in sensory pleasures.”

I would heartily agree, for after all, the sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, of course.

There are many stories and names for this Goddess of Love and Physical Beauty. I believe that Her presence is as real today as it was in ancient times, for Her power transcends culture and time. Venus is the name the Romans gave to the even more ancient Goddess, Aphrodite.

Although one of the most widely recognized of the Greek Goddesses, Aphrodite probably did not originate in Greece, but was a mother Goddess that came from the sea traders of the eastern Mediterranean. Some scholars believe that Aphrodite is a version of the older Goddesses, Astarte or Ishtar.

Her planet, Venus, is the brightest object in the night sky except for the Sun and the Moon and is called the “Jewel of the Sky.” Weather permitting, you can see Venus low in the WNW sky tonight just around sunset.

Often known as “The Golden One,” She was worshiped with gifts and ornaments of gold, which, like Her eternal youth and beauty, never tarnishes. Doves and lovebirds were also often associated with Her because of their gentle natures. She is a Goddess of flowers, as well.

In fact, in Athens, Aphrodite was worshipped in gardens, for She was a personification of the generative powers of Nature. Her festival was the Aphrodisiac, celebrated in various centers of Greece and especially in Athens and Corinth.

Why not celebrate this New Moon in Taurus in the name of beautiful, loving Venus/Aphrodite? What Aphrodisiac rites might you create on this magical night? With renewed appreciation for physicality that Taurus gives us, how might you begin to cultivate a more sensual appreciation of the earthly delights in your life?

Venus encourages us to remember we don’t only live in our heads; we have magnificent, finely tuned bodies that love to be touched, fed, and sumptuously indulged. Climb down out of your mental busy-ness and revel in the pleasures of Earth.

Like the message in our Card of the Week, as well as the gifts of The Empress of the Tarot, whose year this is and who is also ruled by Venus, the Taurus New Moon urges us to appreciate the overflowing abundance that is always available to us. Scarcity is an illusion, for no matter how fat or thin your pocketbook is, there are always creative ways to ensure that you are pampered with luxury and beauty. In fact, exquisite physical self-care and pleasures are absolutely necessary for your well-being!

Let this, then, be our intention:  to experience fully and with gratitude the luscious, beautiful richness of life, and to revel in this most magical time of flowering and delight.

In the name of Venus/Aphrodite, may your Taurus New Moon rites Blessed Be!

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  • May 13, 2010, 10:14 am Rose Vanden Eynden

    A beautiful post, Beth! And I applaud your new policy: “…allowing the magic here to slowly reveal itself. There is no particular theme for now, no schedule for posting, and no special agenda. Rather, my only intention is to make space for subtle flow. I invite what is true, what is beautiful, and in harmony with the Divine Sublime.” I need to meditate on this very idea in my own life and embrace it. Thank you for this lovely reminder!

    Blessings of the New Moon to you and yours!

  • May 13, 2010, 12:16 pm Beth

    Oh, thank you so much, Rose! This means a lot coming from you! Big blessings back to you!

  • May 13, 2010, 5:03 pm Beth

    Late breaking news:
    Here is another excellent suggestion for using this powerful Taurus New Moon energy: an opportunity to join forces and weave Big Magic to heal the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Thanks to the wonderful Angela Magara for her suggestion you can read here.
    So mote it be.

  • May 14, 2010, 2:41 am Rena

    Hey, Beth –
    I am definitely in tune with you this week!

    First, our neighbors offered us a kitchen table they were getting rid of. Same surface size as our old one, but rounder, so suddenly we have so much more room in our little kitchen! And it’s even expandable for guests!

    Then we bought a new car! Ok, it’s a 9-yr-old car, but since we’ve been driving an 18-yr-old car, this is a step up! We will be able to drive uphill again! 😀

    In my personal work, just yesterday the therapist I’ve been seeing framed my challenge precisely as being willing to go through a process with no plan, schedule or agenda. This is frustratingly challenging for me.

    What’s more, your new pace suits me much better. I have time to read just about as much as you’ve been writing now. 🙂
    So I’ve been reading and smiling.


  • May 14, 2010, 8:51 am judy

    Ha! and on May 13th I indulged in a massage at a beautiful spa with complimentary heated swimming pool, hot tub, infrared sauna, tea and cookies and did it all! I had a body scrub with brown sugar, sage and rosemary, a fancy 6 jet shower and then a lomi-lomi massage with hot aromatic oils.. it was a very Taurean, Aphroditean, experience and now, thanks to you, I don’t even feel guilty!.. I am in sinc with the Universe is all.

  • May 14, 2010, 10:31 am Beth

    And Rena – Congratulations on all this forward progress, including being able to drive up hills now! 🙂