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The Underground River of Creation Revisited

As long as I am offering some encore posts, here’s one that is more recent, from last year.  But I think that, having concluded our Artist’s Way work, yet perhaps only just now really beginning our path as creators, this might bear repeating.  Blessings!  — Beth

The Celtic Spirit

Daily Meditations for the Turning Year

by Caitlin Matthews

March 6: The Underground River of Creation

Apart from sleep where the creative act seems involuntary and instantaneous, it does appear that a creative process goes on all the time beneath the level of conscious thought.
–Neil Gunn, The Atom of Delight

The underground river of creation curves on beneath the surface life, its inspiring waters ever available to refresh and bring sparkle to daily life. People who feel that they are uncreative often complain that they do not know how to get access to these waters. Surely, these people assert, creative waters run through particularly gifted people only.

The way to find the ever-flowing creative river is to dig an artesian well by means of engaging actively and consciously with our creativity. By so doing, we allow the water to rise swiftly.

The moment of creative conception happens in the dark, in sleep, in moments of forgetfulness, in lapses of concentration when we have been beavering to bring something wonderful to fruition—but to no avail.

As we continue to work, suddenly our project starts taking shape, though progress is still gradual, inching forward day by day. The creative process cannot be hurried without loss or miscarriage of our project.

However much we want it to manifest, it has to have organic space and time. It has to rest, like the dough of good bread “proving” in a warm place to double in size. The frenzy of kneading and pummeling will not hasten its arrival.

The moment of manifestation, when we share our creation with others, is only one among many moments of deep satisfaction, wherein we have drunk of the sweet waters that flow deeply through us.

What are the processes of the plan you currently foster?
At what stage are you at the moment?

© Caitlin Matthews

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