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Template of the Self

While waiting for the Muse (or your suggestions) to inspire my next theme (if any!), I am offering some encore posts from past years.  This was from January, 2007, but much of it still feels appropriate for now, as we transition from Winter to the first stirrings of Spring.

In this time of the element of Earth, we nurture ourselves in practical, grounded ways. This is the time to turn inward, gather round our hearth fires, and be cozy at home … With the waning Moon’s energy, this is a wonderful time to clear, cleanse the energy, and prepare for the next New Moon, bringing a fresh start to our magical new year ahead [or the upsurge of the coming Spring].

As most intuitive people realize, we create the reality we give our beliefs and energy to. We are constantly weaving spells that shape our life’s experiences, based on both what we know we know, and the subconscious beliefs we carry. In addition, to one degree or another, we are interwoven into the consensus beliefs of our larger society.

These core beliefs become so much a part of us, we hardly realize they are there; and they become embedded in our personal energy field. So, if somewhere along the way, when you were little, perhaps, you absorbed and bought into a belief that, say, people are not to be trusted, over time you accept that this is just “the way things are.”

It becomes a basic assumption that you may not even be consciously aware of anymore. And yet, you are projecting that assumption into the world, and the energy of that belief acts like a magnet, pulling towards you people and situations that reinforce that assumption.  [Since I first wrote this, this phenomenon has become popularly known as The Law of Attraction. – B.]

Thankfully, though, people are awakening to the fact that by changing these core beliefs, they can change their life experiences. As you change your inner reality, your outer reality follows suit. Even more interesting, though, is the dawning of our understanding that by changing our outer reality, our inner experiences can change as well!

In her beautiful classic, Sacred Space, author Denise Linn notes that the key place to begin making those outer changes is our home. For, she points out, our homes are a metaphor for who we are.

“By changing the energy in your home you create an energy template,” she suggests. “Working with your Intention and your furnishings, you can create a new pattern or template that will penetrate deep into your subconscious. This template can help change deep subconscious negative programming.”

For instance, she notes, “If you want to create more abundance in your life, create an abundant template in your home. If you want to feel a deep inner peace, create an environment that projects an energy of deep inner peace. Thus your home can be a living affirmation of what you want to create in your life now and in the future.”

Tomorrow, I’ll expand on this idea, and offer a few suggestions on how to create a more magical environment for body and soul.

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  • March 2, 2010, 9:21 am Arie

    Changing core beliefs is like going up sliding stairs, that are going down, with a lot of people standing on them . Better be done in a crowded mall.
    I did this once as part of a self awareness exercise. I had to go up faster than the speed of the stairs going down, and be so determined that people would clear your way upwards by moving sideways.
    But I can tell you that the moment I arrived at the top, I was blessed with a moment of self awareness and insight.
    If you would like to and feel it is right for you, maybe you or others could try it also, and share your experiences.
    I could share more but this would spoil your own experiences.
    Let’s wake up 🙂