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Quick Qi Tips

Never eat more than you can lift.
— Miss Piggy

Thanks so much for your terrific comments yesterday about the colors and elements, Regina! This is great information!

Some other tidbits that might be helpful along similar lines is that in the kitchen, the primary energies are fire and water, and so keeping them in balance is crucial.  Too much of either spells trouble.  So make sure you fix any leaky faucets – that is your prosperity going down the drain (not to mention the environmental implications for this precious resource!).

The traditional feng shui kitchen is triangular in shape, with the fridge, sink and stove making up each point. Feng shui discourages galley style kitchens, where counter tops, appliances and fixtures run in two parallel lines, creating a “chute” that the Qi will rush straight through.  If this is your situation, you can offset it somewhat by strategically arranging plants, mirrors, wind chimes or feng shui flutes, to help the Qi bounce and spread more gently.

And the stove and sink should never be directly opposite to each other. If they are, it can lead to arguments and conflicts in the family. One way to balance this is by placing something green between them like a green rug or a hanging plant.

Here are some more easy ways to improve the Qi in your kitchen:

  • Use fresh, organic food whenever possible. Pesticides and chemicals bring very negative Qi.
  • Stale food should be disposed off as soon as possible. This will prevent the loss of good Qi energy.
  • Utensils should be neatly organized and easy to find.
  • Empty out the garbage every night so that the morning will be an open door for new opportunities.
  • Always clean spills around the oven stove and microwave. Spills are connected to arguments, and leaving them means that even more discord could occur.
  • Avoid having the microwave and toaster near the seating area, as the electrical energy can lead to emotional disturbances and other problems with the family members.
  • To reduce financial stress in the family, sweep and mop your kitchen on a regular basis.
  • Have a fresh bowl of fruit on the kitchen table for good health. If you place it in the center of the table, you have it in the health position, even further amplifying the Qi of well-being.
  • Store your knives and kitchen scissors in a drawer rather than having them on display. These tools can cause conflict and anxiety.
  • Finally, try to keep your kitchen containers at least half, especially the jars and canisters on the counter tops. This is another powerful enhancement for your abundance energy.

Having a personal kitchen altar is also a way to augment the energy and bring blessings. More about this next week!

And tomorrow, I’ll post some follow-up photos that Arie send us of his doorway!

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  • March 27, 2010, 10:36 am Regina

    Thanks, Beth! I was a little afraid my post from the other day about the colors got a little confusing.
    I have a question concerning the kitchen table. I have a small apartment with no dining area, and the kitchen is too small to have a permanent table in it. (It’s still a great space, though, and I love it!) I do have a table there with leaves that can fold down when not in use, but most of the time and for the sake of ease, dinner is eaten in the living room on the coffee table (usually not with the TV on… but sometimes it is).
    Do you think that practice would negatively affect the qi of our kitchen space?