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Feng Shui in the Living Room

A house that does not have one worn, comfy chair in it is soulless.
  ~ May Sarton

Today, as we continue to work with the magic of our homes, let’s consider how feng shui can be used to enhance the energy in our living rooms. Most living rooms need to be versatile, because so many activities happen there. This will take some thoughtful planning on your part.

South-west facing rooms are favored because this direction is said to encourage good relationships, but within the room, your aim should be to create a spacious, welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. The amount of furniture depends on the size and shape of the room, and by all means, avoid creating a stagnant, cluttered environment.

Comfortable seating is the first consideration. If you are trying to attract or deepen a romantic relationship, make sure you have “conversation areas,” in which chairs are clustered together, preferably at gentle angles to each other, rather than directly opposite one another, which can feel confrontational.

Circular arrangements, and a grouping of comfortable seats encourages talking and other kinds of togetherness. A single chair, isolated from other seating, sends a message that the person sitting there wants to be left alone; perfect for a reading nook, but not so great for intimacy.

Other tips for your living room include using warm, welcoming colors to create a friendly atmosphere. Color influences the activity level of a space. Pastel and light colors have a calming influence, while bright colors bring in activity.

So while your bedroom might not be the best place for very strong, vibrant colors, a brightly colored “feature” wall can bring a welcome flow of energy into a living or family room. Dashes of strong color can bring life into a place.

By the way, some feng shui experts urge us to be careful with reds! While red tones can be wonderful and can bring radiant and healthy energy to an area and make it much more comfortable and alive, this is only true if that good energy is already present. If red tones are used where there is an inherent heavy or negative energy, they will make this area worse and you will feel even more drained and irritated there.

Depending on which energetic area it is located in, according to the ba-gua, you might wish to paint your living room yellow. A yellow room is a particularly vibrant, healthy cure for a sluggish area. Even if you’d rather your room be painted green, just a drop of yellow paint mixed in with the green can boost the energy of the room. Place the drop of yellow paint into the green with intention and that is all you have to do.

That’s because, as feng shui consultant Beverly Hlavka, writes, “In feng shui, the things you own and where they are placed make a big difference in the flow of energy in a space. This flow of energy also makes a big difference in how you feel. And one of the most important principles of feng shui is the act of intention. Energy follows what you focus on. If you are constantly thinking about feeling sick and tired, the universe will give you more of feeling sick and tired.

“The reverse is true as well. Keep your thoughts on feeling healthy and strong, and the universe will provide more of the same. Know your intention and keep your thoughts focused on what you want, not what you do not want. The energy of the universe will follow and support you, so be clear about having a healthy intention.”

Tomorrow, I’ll have some other easy suggestions for improving the feng shui in your living room.


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