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Final Tasks for Chapter Twelve

We are now at the end of this journey together on The Artist’s Way. Which is to say, we are now just beginning our own Artist’s Way: living the life of Creator.

Here are the last exercises that Julia recommends. I hope you’ll spend some quality time this weekend working through them. Tomorrow,

1. Write down any resistance, angers and fears you have about going on from here. We all have them.

2. Take a look at your current areas of procrastination. What are the payoffs in your waiting? Locate the hidden fears. Make a list on paper.

3. Sneak a peek at Week One, Core Negative Beliefs.  Laugh. Yes, the nasty critters are still there, but look at the progress you’ve made! Read yourself the affirmations you worked on here and here.

4. Mend any mending.

5. Repot any pinched and languishing plants.

6. Select a Goddess jar. (A what?) A jar. A box. A vase, or other container. Something to put your fears, your resentments, your incessantly chattering “monkey mind,” your hopes, your dreams, your worries into.

7. Use your Goddess jar. Start with your fear list from the first exercise above. When worried, remind yourself that it’s in the jar – “ The Goddess has got it.” Then take the next action.

8. Now, check how: Honestly, what you you most like to create? Open-minded, what oddball paths would you dare to try? Willing, what appearances are you willing to shed to pursue your dream?

9. List five people you can talk to about your dreams and with whom you feel supported to dream and then plan.

10. Re-read this whole journey. Or go out and buy the book and read it. Share it with friends. Remember that the miracle is one artist sharing with another.

As a recovering creative, you have now put many, many hours into your recovery over these months, growing and changing rapidly.  For your recovery to continue, you need to make a solemn commitment.  I will offer a suggestion tomorrow, as well as what Julia calls “trail mix,” some additional tidbits, munchies, and goodies for the trip.

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  • February 20, 2010, 9:06 am star

    A lovely post to end this meaningful journey together. I will be continuing and following the recommendations in the next book by Julia, Walking in This World. I am committed to continuing for another year and a day and probably longer. Thanks for getting me started on this path, and for a place to process the most vulnerable year of finding my inner artist child self and coaxing her out of hiding.


  • February 20, 2010, 3:42 pm catherine

    just wanted to thank you for you faithful leadership this year. For me, it was a blessing to know I could find encouragement, challenge and inspiration no matter how I was working through the book–like you were holding anchor….No, I think a ighthouse metaphor would be better,,,,thanks for shining, Beth.