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Welcoming the Tarot Year of the Empress

Oh Goddess Mother
You are the mystery of Night
Your radiant shine is the Day
Infinite realms cascade within You
Abundance is Your essence of Being
Blessings flow from You Limitlessly
Your Universe is harmony and tension in Balance
Within each of us, You are Alive.

— Abby Willowroot © 1998

Before we resume the final stretch of our year and a day with The Artist’s Way, I want to pause and acknowledge this most rare and precious New Year’s energy.

As you may know from my articles on the subject, the numerology of your birthday, or of a particular year, corresponds to the Tarot, particularly the Major Arcana (the trumps). Using this system, we can discover much about the traits and patterns that may be anticipated in a given year.  This year, 2010 will be 2+0+1+0 =3.

We therefore welcome the Year of the Empress. The Year of the Empress is an extraordinary event. There has only been one other for most of our lifetimes – back in 2001. And only one more will occur in this millennium – in 2100.

As we have seen in our Cards of the Week last week and this, the Threes of the Tarot are transitional cards, reflecting the sacred trinity in its many forms: Father, Son, Spirit; Mother, Father, Child; Creator, Preserver, Destroyer; Maiden, Mother, Crone and so on.

Three is a powerfully magical number. It is defined by its relation to the two that come together – Self and Other that create the third thing – the manifestation. Three is the fruit born of the marriage of opposites. As Manly Hall (famed Freemason, Hermeticist, Qabbala practitioner and Rosicrucian) wrote, “Three is the equilibrium of the unities.” It is the result of One (Force, active, Yang) combining with Two (Receptivity, passive, Yin). It is the unique new whole that results from the union of the will and wisdom.

In my view there are two Major Arcana cards that directly represent aspects of the Divine Feminine – the High Priestess and the Empress. The High Priestess is the deep, the mysterious, the non-verbal Knowing. She is the gateway to our direct, unchaperoned communion with the Divine. She is the aspect of feminine power (belonging to both men and women) that has historically been feared, punished, shunned, and demonized by misogynist cultures and institutions.  She is the untamed Goddess of the night, magic, secrets and inner understanding.

On the other hand, the Empress is more comfortable for many of us, for she is the Mother aspect of the Divine Feminine. She is radiance, bountiful nurturing, fertility, and creator. She is beautiful Aphrodite, generous Demeter and Ceres. Hers is the gift of lush Nature. She embraces all with unconditional love and acceptance. Her blessing assures prosperity, growth, creativity, comfort, and success.

In an Empress year, we are given the rare gift of finding softer, more fertile ways to connect to one another.  Respecting diversity, replacing top-down, hierarchical power structures with co-creative sharing and empowering of one another can offer a desperately needed antidote to war, conquest, and exploitation.  This is a time for making peace, for recognizing and sharing the abundance that is the true nature of Gaia.

The Empress can bring us a new sense of harmony, beauty, hospitality and rich, juicy love. This is a year to celebrate your sacred body, to savor the deep pleasures of living on this beautiful Earth.

It would also be the year to commit to being a devoted champion for Mama Gaia. By the time our next Empress year comes along, what will our Earth be like? Predictions for the environment as it may be by 2100 are bleak indeed. This year, let us mobilize to serve the great Mother Earth Herself. Hopes for prosperity can only come from our recognizing and cooperating with the sacred Source of all life and abundance.

This is a year for spending lots of time outdoors, in Nature, discovering and understanding the web of life of which we are a part.  Relations with our own mothers, whether living or not, may be in the spotlight.  For men and women alike, this is the year for creative expression, giving birth to actual children if that is your desire, as well as manifesting your most cherished heart’s hopes. It is a time to cultivate new friendships, delightful intimacies, as well as nurturing the land and one another.

Fertile, fecund, rich fruition is the power of this year.  Celebrate the beauty of all species, forms and beings.  Offer your own beauty and creativity without hesitation.  Give thanks to your Mother. And let the gentle, fierce, unconditional maternal love that dwells inside you pour forth.

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  • January 5, 2010, 1:45 pm Claire

    A nice balance from yesterday, non? 🙂
    I think I’ll put this quote from your post up somewhere prominent for awhile:
    “Fertile, fecund, rich fruition is the power of this year”

  • January 5, 2010, 2:47 pm Arie

    Three forces are necessar for any phenomena to take place. Active, passive and neutral. The power of three.
    Acording to the Law of Cosmoses, the conditions of the action of laws on each cosmos, are determined by the two adjoining cosmoses, the one above and the one below. Three cosmoses standing next to one another give a complete picture of the manifestation of the laws of the universe.. One cosmos cannot give a complete picture. Thus in order to know one cosmos it is necessary to know the two adjoining cosmoses.

  • January 5, 2010, 5:18 pm denise

    “The Empress can bring us a new sense of harmony, beauty, hospitality and rich, juicy love. This is a year to celebrate your sacred body, to savor the deep pleasures of living on this beautiful Earth.”

    My favorite part of your post! 🙂
    I want to curl up in her cosmic lap and let her hug all the angers and sadness out of me.

  • January 5, 2010, 5:32 pm Beth

    And so She shall.. I really do believe it.

  • January 6, 2010, 5:47 am Isabelle Cantin

    Interesting. From an astrological point of view, we have a dance of three (difficult) planets in 2010 : Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. And in summertime, a very creative conjonction : Jupiter-Uranus. Perhaps an universal year of renewal and creativity.

  • January 6, 2010, 7:08 am Beth

    Hi, Isabelle! Thanks for pointing this out! You are so right.. this year looks to be incredibly challenging on an astrological level. That’s why I feel so passionately that the ways that we connect to the Empress in her aspect as Mother/Creator may hold an important key for navigating the transitions ahead. Didn’t know that about the Jupiter-Uranus influences coming up. Thanks so much for your insight!

  • January 6, 2010, 8:08 am Arie

    I feel that in addition to Mother/Creator she is also Protector of what She created.
    My insight tells me that those who are attuned to Her will know what to do and be in harmony with the flow.
    But fasten you seat belts as change will come.
    Let us be Her Avatars.

  • January 6, 2010, 8:21 am Heather

    well then, it would seem that this year is compleatly appropreate for the project I am starting on. my husband and i are getting together with 3 other small families to start a kind of co-op community garden at our place. we have the land and they are willing to help put in the labor so that all of us have fresh food this year. what better year to start that then this one. thank you for this bit of insite.