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Tarot Card of the Week: January 18 – 24, 2010

When the situation is desperate, it is too late to be serious. Be playful.
— Edward Paul Abbey (1927 – 1989)

This week, we have a rare visit from the Page of Wands, a Court card. Neither as dramatic and spiritual as the Major Arcana’s big life lessons, nor as pragmatic as the actions, moods, and energies represented in the Pips (Ace through Ten cards), the face cards are the  “people cards;” four for each of the four suits.

All of the Pages are messengers, portraying the innocent side of the suit, pointing to hopefulness, and fresh beginnings. And what an especially joyous, light-hearted energy the fiery Page of Wands offers! Whether he is an actual child, or simply the child-like innocence that comes when we truly celebrate life, the sunny Page of Wands is the dancing spark of potential, magic, desire, and daring.

He brings a blaze of light and hopefulness in the heart of winter, and in this sad, difficult time. The news is deadly and getting worse. Heartbreak threatens to swamp us. But the Page reminds us that miracles exist, and life is for the living. If you are still here, if you are reading this, then awaken. Live! Live!

I think that the Page speaks especially this week to those of us who are in danger of capsizing into a cold sea of hurt, anger, and frustration. There are too many reasons to count, why this might be. But we have to remember to embrace the antidote to this poisonous triumvirate.

Lighten up! Get up – get moving! Take action! Life won’t wait.

Drop the insidious habit of worry, that is spreading faster than H1N1. Turn off that pressure cooker you’ve thrown your life into. Unplug yourself from the relentless news coverage, which is often inane, self-serving and focused on the dramatically negative.

On a personal level, it’s time to close the door on those stifling, annoying people and situations that entangle us. Just for this week, what if you played hooky at least a little while each and every day?

Get silly. This is your permission slip to duck out the door and go play to your heart’s content. Buy yourself a box of crayons and a big pad of paper and go to town! Dress up in a funny hat. Nurture your playful, magical child self. Go make some babies – either human children, or maybe those creative dreams you’ve longed for.

What feeds the flames of your desire? What joyful news have you waited for so long to hear? The Page is here to tell you that now is the time, this is it. The delights you’ve secretly longed for, ached for — they are in your grasp now. This week.

Don’t let your inner cynic or critic snuff out the light of cheer in your soul with overwhelm, fears or doubts.  There is something (or someone) whose passionate, siren call is singing your tune.

Answer! Answer with all your heart.

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  • January 19, 2010, 12:18 pm Beth

    Oops, accidentally posted this comment in my Tuesday entry for an hour or so… I meant it to be a followup for my Card of the Week:

    For another and more beautifully written perspective on this same idea, I encourage you to read this thoughtful post by the wonderful Ali at Meadowsweet and Myrrh. – Beth