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Whistling In The Dark

Fear of the UnexpectedWe will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.
— Paulo Coelho

As we explore the deeply rooted habits of blocking our inner artist, it might help to know that many times, these temptations show up disguised as coincidence.

I see this all the time in my Tarot practice. The unhappy husband who has been in a dead marriage for years “just happens” to hear from an old flame on Facebook, one thing leads to another, and now there is a crisis. Just when someone is preparing to go on a weeklong writer’s retreat, their partner “suddenly” is fed up and quits their job, making sure that retreat cannot happen. Just as she is finding her wings, the toxic boyfriend pops up again “out of nowhere” and down she crashes.

She just happens to call…He drops by with a killer bag of weed…I was just about to get started but … Name your poison.

Another chapter of distractions; another bitter disappointment and delay to our artist child.

Julia writes, “The choice to block is a creative U-turn. We turn back on ourselves. Like water forced to a standstill, we turn stagnant. The self-honesty lurking in us all always knows when we choose against our greater good. It marks a little jot on our spiritual blackboard: ‘Did it again.’  It takes grace and courage to admit and surrender our blocking devices.”

So why should we surrender our blocks, especially if they are working for us? Well, at some point, probably quite some time ago, they actually stopped working for you and for me. We just keep hoping and pretending that they still are, like whistling in the dark.

How do I know they aren’t working for you anymore? Because you are here, aren’t you? You show up, maybe faithfully day after day, or maybe peeking in from time to time. But the truth is, we are all on this journey together because our inner creator is shaking us awake and telling us that it is their turn now.

Why would we continue to block that? What is the payoff for this self-abuse?

Blocked we know who and what we are: unhappy people,” Julia explains. “Unblocked, we may be something much more threatening – happy. For most of us, happy is terrifying, unfamiliar, out of control, too risky!”

The bottom line is, our choice of whether we will succumb to our blocking behavior again, or not, is essentially a test of our faith. Rather than trust our intuition, our talent, our skill and our desire as strong, loving allies, we fear where our creator/Creator is taking us. Rather than the risky act of putting our hopeful, tender, authentic naked inner self on the line by painting, writing, or auditioning, we opt out by turning to our blocks.

We all have our little ways of shoring up the comfort zone that keeps us safely sad.  Maybe it’s because the prospect of having dashed hopes again is just too frightening. But here’s the real deal. The thing that may be scariest of all is not dashed hopes, but hopes fulfilled. The prospect of becoming truly unleashed, powerful creators could be overwhelming. Yet here we are, you and I coming together, day after day, longing for exactly that.

And therein lies my faith. How about you?

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  • December 9, 2009, 10:58 am Maria

    Great post, Beth! I totally relate to the idea of being more comfortable feeling unhappy than feeling happy. I feel myself sliding into depression when things feel to new, too different. I decide there is no point – what’s the use? – and then I have an excuse not to create. I’m trying something new these days: instead of wallowing, I try to get back to that idea of self care. If I can’t write today, I can cook myself a good dinner and watch My Fair Lady on DVD. Or I can go to the library and get a book on a topic that interests me. I think depression has a harder time hitting a moving target. 🙂

  • December 9, 2009, 1:39 pm Star*

    I must report that I have never been happier than this year while we have been on this Artist Way journey. Some days or weeks, I know I have done some blocking and U-turns, but mostly the year has been a positive one for me and continues that way. I am committed to actively using my creative talents now, so it feels more natural than it used to. I have enough supplies to allow my ideas to fly and something beautiful eventually manifests. I have the support of several close family and friends and a couple outlets for my end results. I have had some successes and pat myself on the back for those. I have had to do many things over more than once and learned something from each ‘do-over’, which I was able to accomplish with persistence and patience with myself, not judgment for doing it ‘wrong’. I think I have developed the ‘habit’ of creativity in my daily life and, as long as I nurture that and practice, I will continue to be happier than in the past. I sometimes get knocked off balance by events beyond my control (such as our recent basement flood), but most days I do something with art or writing or beads or crocheting, even if it is for only 30 minutes. And there is always the morning pages and artist dates to fill in the blanks. I continue to go back to my list of affirmations and intentions, which help to refocus me if I lose track of my balance. I really appreciate sharing this journey with you and the blog followers. It has changed my life for the better.


  • December 9, 2009, 2:13 pm Beth

    Blessings, blessings, blessings! To everyone, where ever we may be on this path!!! We can DO this!! And won’t our world be a much, much better place as a result.

    More than ever I am convinced that the opposite of war is not peace; it’s creativity. Every step we take towards fulfilling our creative possibilities is a step forward for the end of conflict and anger.. on a personal level, and on a level that grows and ripples outward into the wider world!

    I wish that someone would take a look at the rise of, say, gangs, compared to the cuts made in music, art, and other school programs. I’m not suggesting there is a direct cause and effect relationship, but I bet it might be very illuminating.

    Thank you both for sharing! And everyone else who is lurking! {{{Lurkers I love you too! }}}
    – Beth

  • December 9, 2009, 4:08 pm Alexandra Telluselle

    When I am at peace, I feel am the most inspired and so I am more creative in a good way. Of course when I feel dispair, I also become creative in order to survive, but that surely isn’t something I strive for…

    I posted a prayer for Mother Earth on my blog today. I hope you will join me in saying on Dec 12th as St Lucia brings light into darkness with her strong spirit. Please spread it further if you’d like!

    Father, Mother, Child as One, if I (your name), my family, relatives, ancestors and co-workers have been greedy, offensive and negligent; we offer Mother Earth a sincere apology as we share our gratitude for her abundance and seek to regain balance.

    We understand that what we do to our own bodies is what we do to Mother Earth and what we do to Mother Earth is what we do to our own bodies.
    We bow to the Sun and spread His Light.
    We listen to the Ocean waves and share Breath.
    We feel resilience by observing the Trees.
    And we are guarded by the Mountains as we resume our rightful position in the circle forever connected with Source.

    We ask for Divine assistance from the Collective Heart as we wish to transform and recycle our overuse of resources into Light. Let the water of life release and sustain all of us; Her children.

    We bless the Fishermen and the Farmers.
    We bless the Animal kingdom and the Plants.
    We bless the Decision makers, Politicians and Business Leaders and trust in their ability to join and teach a new plan in caring for our shared home and take full responsibility for its implementation.

    Together we walk softly upon Mother Earth as we once again are able to appreciate the beauty bestowed upon us in its full glory.
    We are Peace and so it is done.


  • December 9, 2009, 9:33 pm Heather

    I have to agree with Star this has been a wonderful happy time all of this time ive spent with you. sure ive had one or two u turns and set backs but I cant remember a time in recent years were i have written more and been happier about it. i find the more i write the more ideas i get and even though that can distract me from working on one project at a time i know thats a block I use so i sread it out by working only one story a day or week. other wise i end up saying ‘i dont know what to work on’ and i work on nothing.

    Im so amazed about being aware of what I use as a block to stop writing. now i catch my self when im blocking myself and i dont give in to it. even if i only write 2 more sentances I at least make the effort to push through my self distructiveness. its so exciteing.

    i know i’ve said it befor but I must say it again thank you so much for being here and giving us this guidance. you are a blessing in all our lives

    take care


  • December 10, 2009, 7:27 am Beth