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The Outgoing Tide

Sitting quietly, doing nothing,
Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.

— Alan Watts

We are now in the last week of the Year of Justice, poised before the first decade of the new millennium is gone forever and the next begins.  And we are in a very magical time out of time. The Halcyon Days, some call this time – a time of waiting, peace, the safe haven of in-between.

This was a time when, in many cultures, it was considered bad luck to resume “normal” everyday business. With every day leading up to the new year, or else Twelfth Night, each decision, chore, and errand had extra meaning, and could, by sympathetic magic, shape the tone of the coming year.

For instance, in some traditions, it was very unfortunate to weave during this time, or else you might weave only endless toil and labor for the coming year. In other places, weaving was very important, but only with great focus and intention, for it would create a spell for your desire in the new year.

Some businesses and services do give their employees the coming week off, or else staff with only the most minimal, essential personnel. For many, though, that luxury is not an option. However, in the next week, whether you have to go to work or not, you can pretty safely bet that not a whole lot is getting done, and few are launching anything new.

Added to this is the fact that today, the planet Mercury goes retrograde.  This brings challenges to all  endeavors involving travel, technology, communication, and commerce.  This is not the best time to start anything new, but instead to revise, revisit, reconsider your past choices.  This is compounded by the Mars retrograde that began last Sunday, the 20th (with Mars being all about action, physical stamina, risk-taking, and will).

So why fight it?

Instead, let us take advantage of the great outgoing tide of the year. Together we bid farewell to all that has been in 2009: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let us tally up what has worked for us, let go of what has not, and most of all, prepare for the great voyage of the coming year and new decade, by laying in a store of peace and blessings.

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  • December 26, 2009, 12:59 pm Bonnie Cehovet

    Rather than, or perhaps in addition to, going over past decisions and actions, I would say that for a retrograde to know the sign the planet is retrograde in, and recognize that this is where the focus is going to be placed. Continue on with life – just be very careful about what you say, do, or sign!