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Tarot Card of the Week: Dec. 28 – Jan. 3

Three of Pentacles

As the season of believing seems to wind down, let me gently remind you that many dreams still wait in the wings. Many authentic sparks must be fanned before passion performs her perfect work in you. Throw another log on the fire.
—  Sarah Ban Breathnach

What message arrives for us as we cross the threshold this week into the next decade of the new millennium? What do the cards want to say as the New Year dawns under a lunar eclipse? What will set the stage for the beginning of the Tarot Year of the Empress (the only one  until 2100)?

The Threes of the Tarot are transitional cards, reflecting the sacred trinity of most spiritual paths (besides the Christian one, there are Mother/Father/Child; Creator/Preserver/Destroyer; Maiden/Mother/Crone and so on).  It is the fruit born of the marriage of opposites.  And this three, more than any of the others in the Minor suits, echoes that most fruitful Major Arcana Three, The Empress: creativity made manifest.

With Pentacles being the suit that deals with physical and practical matters, such as career and finances, this card shows the artisan pausing as his work is evaluated by both the businessman (holding the building plans, and wearing the colorful cloak) and the clergyman, who is probably the priest or abbot of the building under construction.

This is how skill, knowledge and spiritual awareness combine to produce superb work, and results of the highest order. This is how divine Creation can work through human hands.

The Three of Pentacles has an important message for those who may be blessed with great talent. At some point, even the most gifted artist must do the actual work, and produce in ways that can be appreciated by the “real world.”

No one produces even the loftiest sort of art, without collaboration. The famous author inevitably has editors, publishers, friends and teachers to thank. Great dancers rely on the skills of the musicians. Even the solo musician or painter relies on numerous helping hands backstage and in galleries.

This card, happily, points to the ability to successfully achieve this, without compromising any of one’s original vision. In fact, true mastery means that technical skill, creative passion, and spiritual growth all combine here in successful ways. And yes, in ways that may bring monetary rewards.

One need not be a professional artist for this card to apply. We are all the creative weavers of the tapestry that is our life. Thus, there need be no dichotomy between our daily work, our creative expression and our spiritual path. The true artist brings her or his innovative vision to whatever “mundane” work needs to be done.

This week, as the holidays continue, and you contemplate the coming New Year, set your intention for finding ways to make real at last your creative dreams.  Claim and act upon your talent, for with patience and perseverance, impressive outcomes are possible.  Especially be open to blending your expertise with others of like mind, in order to bring something truly wonderful into being.

Who might you invite to collaborate with your work? What combination of talent with your own could create timeless, prosperous and beautiful results?  Are there people who share your desire for success, and who support your vision without requiring any compromise of your authenticity?

By the same token, consider who in your life might benefit from the gift of your own time and talent, in order to enhance their work.

This card indicates that co-creating with others brings additional strength to the work, and a team approach can produce results of lasting beauty and worth. Your combined talents will produce something far more valuable than your own solo work could have.

May Creativity, in Her most realistic, practical, and prosperous ways, bring you a most Happy New Year!