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Solstice Sun Wheel Prayer Circle – Part Three

Solstice Sunwheel 3Share water.  Never thirst.
–  Valentine Michael Smith
from Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein

Today is the third Sun-day of our group spell/prayer/meditation, as we prepare to welcome the rebirth of the Solstice Light! If you are just now joining us, it does not matter if you missed out on the last two Sun Days. Your energy and good thoughts are still welcome, and indeed, I believe they are absolutely necessary.

To find out the particulars about what you need to do to join in weaving this prayer-spell, click here. It is incredibly simple really, and takes very little time. What matters is the awareness of your spirit, not the name of your religion or the erudite complexity of words and rites.

Tonight at sunset (or whatever time works best for you), take a few quiet moments to be fully present as you stand before your wreath. First, light the candle we first ignited on Nov. 29. For Pagans and Witches, this would be the candle for Air or East, and for many Christian traditions it represents Hope. As you light it, honor its energy with breath, song, poetry, memory, thought, discernment, the hope in a new day dawning. Bask in its beautiful light, giving thanks in whatever ways your heart speaks to you.

Next, gaze at the second candle – the one we lit for the first time last week. This one is in the direction of South and represents the element of Fire: passion, will, magic, desire, energy. For Christian traditions, this candle represents their wisdom book, the Bible, or else Love. Let your gratitude for the warmth and light of Fire, and the Life Force of Wisdom and Love fill your awareness.  Celebrate this in any way that feels right to you.

Then, tonight, we light for the first time the third candle. This candle is for West, the Element of Water, and in many Christian traditions, it is the candle for Joy.  As Witches, we know that Water is the Guardian of our emotions, intuition, empathy, compassion and is sacred to Autumn and the setting sun.

As we contemplate our beautiful candle, we honor the many feelings that flow through us: the ups and downs that can be tumultuous at times, strangely prescient, that open our hearts and sometimes break them, that bring cleansing tears and joyful laughter. What a sacred gift it is to be blessed with the guidance of our emotions!Blessed Waters

In addition, I would suggest that you might say prayers for a future in which humans have universal access to abundant clean water. More priceless than oil or gold, drinkable water is an increasingly rare treasure.

Not only is global climate change making fresh water an endangered species, in many places, multinational corporations are quietly buying up local water sources and turning native waters into a commodity for their scandalous profits. They even call it “blue gold.”

Thus, with this candle, let us vow to take seriously our stewardship for Earth’s source of life itself and know that water is for sharing.

When you are ready, give thanks and gently extinguish the third, the second, and the first candles.

May we never forget the gifts and lessons of Water. May our Waters be blessed, and like Water, may we learn to heal, to bless, to forgive and to flow. May Joy shine from our hearts, each of us, to one another.

So mote it be.   Blessings to you and your beloveds.

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