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Preparing for Tomorrow’s New Moon in Scorpio

Although technically, the New Moon doesn’t occur until tomorrow, I invite you to begin to set your intention for it today.   The Scorpio New Moon is always powerful, but this is a particularly intense astrological cycle. We are in unprecedented times.

I believe we are being called to come together in this Dark Moon time, through trance, ritual, psychic journeying, magic, and other non-ordinary ways, in order to build an extraordinary kind of connectedness together. Here is a video to help you prepare for tomorrow’s window of power and opportunity.


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  • November 19, 2009, 9:25 am dooley worth

    i would like to hear from others what everyday magic they use to deal with obstacles in their lives. i have for years been using freezing, bleaching, smudging and burning rituals. the freezing is tremendouisly effective in about 99% of cases even when i do it for others although i prefer they do it themselves. thanks for information on any other such cleansing and protective rites to make things a little easier for those of us that incarnated as scorpios in this go around.