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Blessings of Samhain – Blessings to the Witches

We honor this night the Dark Goddess, the Mysteries, the Blessed Dead, and the Mighty Ones of the Craft. I send my love and gratitude to all my teachers, elders, brothers and sisters who dance the Spiral Dance with me in spirit, if not in flesh, this night. And I give thanks for each ofContinue reading Read more

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An Introduction to Tarot Personality Profiles

The Fool’s Journey, Part I Originally published on the (now discontinued) Innerchange Magazine website in 2003, this was my introductory article for a series of seven articles that explains the Tarot archetypes we each are connected to, due to the numerology of our birthday. Tarot Personality Profiles: The Fool’s Journey Begins © Beth Owl’s DaughterContinue reading Read more

In Remembrance – The Burning Times

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. — Exodus 22:18 On this day in 1985, the American House and Senate dropped the “Helms amendment,” which would have barred the IRS from granting tax-exempt status to groups that promote Witchcraft. And on this day in 1998, only eleven years ago, the Vatican finally took responsibilityContinue reading Read more

Honoring The Cailleach at Samhain

There was a grove, immemorially inviolate, Hidden from the air above by interlacing branches… There fell fountain-streams, There gloomy images of Gods Stood guard, jutting, human-carven in tree-trunk shape… — from De Bello Civilis by Lucan (39-65 C.E.) As we approach the crossroads of the Old and the New Year at Samhain, we honor theContinue reading Read more

The Month of Reed – Ngetal

The leaves fall patiently Nothing remembers or grieves The river takes to the sea The yellow drift of leaves. –Sara Teasdale Today, according to the Celtic Tree calendar, we enter the month of The Reed. The Celtic Tree Year is divided into thirteen lunar months. Each has a tree (or in this case, a shrub)Continue reading Read more

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