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  • September 7, 2009, 11:42 am Delphyne

    Thanks for this, Beth – I am posting it on my little blog and on my Facebook page. I simply can't understand what is NOT to understand about single pay, Medicare for all.

  • September 7, 2009, 1:42 pm Athene Nocuta

    Thanks Beth Owl-

    The kids and I attended a local town hall. There were 2 things I noticed right off. Most people there supported the public option and wanted, but had some valid concerns about administration and expenses.

    The silent majority was over ruled by the very frightened, very angry, and very vocal minority who kept escalating the tension in the room. The biggest irony was most of the anti-reform people were on VA or Medicare, and didn't seem to see the irony in protesting a Government run health program, when they were already receiving Government run health care.

    There were a couple of exceptions-the young, well-off couple behind me, w/ very expensive watches. The husband kept yelling out @ regular intervals "Who's going to pay for it". I had to bite my tongue and refrain from turning around telling him if they were in the tax bracket that would pay higher taxes, the amount in taxes would probably be less than what he paid for his wife's very large, diamond wedding set. The other was an irate woman who got and declared that Government run health care was unconstitutional, that Government had no right to interfere w/ private business right to make a profit, and that Government shouldn't run health care, because Government does not how to make a profit. ???? A very contradictory tirade. I couldn't help, but wonder if she was a health insurance company plant.

    As for myself, I am blessed that employer pays for all my health benefits, and the insurance company I go w/ is non-profit w/ a low-deductible and co-pays. Unfortunately to add the rest of my family to my work plan is cost prohibitive, and so we are @ the mercy of private insurance. Our rates go up every yr, and our coverage stays the same. Very limited benefits, and we end up paying almost all the Dr's bills ourselves. So I don't feel we will have true health care until there is a public option and/or ALL health companies are required to be non-profit.