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The Heavens Within Us

Spirit of the Redwoods © Willow Arlenea

Draw into thy Centre-deep…thy Heavens within…Take present care of the Heavens of our Mind…Dive into our own Celestiality, and see with what manner of spirits you are endued; for in them the Powers do entirely lie for Transformation.
– Jane Leade, A Fountain of Gardens

How do we find our center-deep? We have hid from it all our days, though it beams upon us like a lighthouse and continually shows us the path to the center. This path of light can be discovered in times of quietness and solitude, when we withdraw from the bustle of life and contemplate who and where we are in the great web of existence, when we still our minds from the spindle of anxiety and redefine our being as a partaker in the vast macrocosm.

In the stilling of our body, mind, and soul, we discover the special spirits who are our guides and helpers on the spiritual path. These spirits are not fantasies or psychological archetypes, they are real living beings.

Finding out which spiritual helpers we are gifted with is the primary task for those who would seek out their center-deep. All of us have our own spiritual friends – those beings who do not have a human or earthly existence but who nevertheless exist and accompany us.

We do not choose them; they and we are drawn to each other according to the gifts we share. They cooperate with us in the work of transformation; for, by our encounters with the spirits of our center-deep, we grow and change as we are accompanied and taught.

Sitting in silence, become aware of your own center-deep. What kind of landscape does it have? Who is there with you? What has drawn you both there?

from The Celtic Spirit: Daily Meditations for the Turning Year
by Caitlin Matthews

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  • September 12, 2009, 3:25 pm Thalia

    Oh, ha! Shoulda known that was Caitlín Matthews.

    What kind of landscape does it have? Gardens, mostly. Who is there with you? An old friend. What has drawn you both there? Love. Like most friends.

  • September 13, 2009, 7:48 pm denise

    My personal holy grail is the finding of my inner guides, my inner truths, my purpose. I can only hope that each day brings me one step closer to finding my answers.