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Learning to Receive

The important things in life cannot be gotten in advance. They must be gathered fresh every day.
— Rev. Dr. George Regas, founder of of ICUPJ
(Interfaith Communities United for Peace and Justice)

A big part of healing our sense of abundance is to strengthen our ability to receive. Most blocked creatives are incredibly skilled at giving – we listen, we comfort, we nurture everybody else. But when the Hand of Providence offers something amazing to us, many of us often reflexively defer, saying, “Oh, no, no. That’s alright. Maybe give it to her – she needs it more than I do.”

Then we wonder why our resources seem depleted. SARK offers some inspiration. “When babies are born, they are given receiving blankets. Blanket yourself with the ability to receive. Most of us are expert givers and need to study receiving.

“Recently, she continues, I awakened at 3am during a nightmare and felt terrified to be alone. Since childhood, I’ve had difficulty waking people up, and also knew that I needed a friend. I finally awakened my friend Larry, who instantly invited me for tea and we laughed until the sun came up. I marveled at how difficult it was for me to simply receive love. I’m practicing now.”

So here are a couple more practice exercises from Julia for expanding our receptivity and noticing the vast natural abundance around us. May they remind us that we are surrounded by treasure that is freely offered to us, if we would only know it.

1. Find five pretty or interesting stones. “I enjoy this exercise,” Julia writes, “because rocks can be carried in pockets, fingered in business meetings. They can be small, constant reminders of our creative consciousness.”

2. Similarly, pick five flowers or leaves. You may want to press them between wax paper and save them in a book, like you might have done in kindergarten. As Julia notes, some of the best creative play is done in kindergarten. Allow yourself to be your young child self for long periods, on a daily basis!

3. Go home and throw out a minimum of five ratty pieces of clothing. Or give away at least five pieces of clothing you haven’t worn in the past year. Notice the relief! Now there is room for something terrific that suits you much, much better!

More tomorrow.

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