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Finishing Up Chapter Six

Ten of Rainbows – © Osho Zen Tarot

Soften. Speak less. Allow others to reach out to you. Accept gifts. Practice letting more in. Giving and receiving creates a sacred circle.

We are finishing up Chapter Six of The Artist’s Way today. Here are some final exercises and thoughts.

First, let’s stretch our creativity. Bake something (and if you have sugar problems, Julia suggests you make a fruit salad – a great idea for this time of year!). She explains, “Creativity does not have to always involve capital-A art. Very often, the act of cooking something can help you cook something up in another creative mode. When I am stymied as a writer, I make soups and pies.”

Next, we stretch our power of communication and strengthen our web of support. Send five postcards to friends. I like this exercise, because I just might have to make an Artist Date to go shopping for some very cool, vintage postcards to do it. (Yeah, like I don’t already have too many just-in-case ones!) But also, Julia notes, “This is not a goody-two-shoes exercise. Send them to people you would LOVE to hear from.”

Starting today, practice saying yes, especially to freebies. Notice and celebrate any new flow of abundance. Expand your gratitude for what you already have, but also cultivate joyful anticipation of the gracious surprises that the Goddess is cooking up for you right this very moment.

When you have the eyes to see them, there are gifts, treats, and loving messages sparkling all around you, like a daily treasure hunt. Keep a list of these, maybe in that same notebook where you’re tracking up all the money you spend (right?). It will help you get better at noticing the goodies with your name on them, and the extravagant hand of the Giver at work in your own life.

Are there any new, possibly crazy ideas about what you would love doing? Keep collecting images and adding them to your imagination file.

Clearing makes room for more to come in (Nature really won’t put up with a vacuum for long!). So look around the house this weekend. What needs to change? What are you finally ready to get rid of? Clear, recycle, give away, make space to receive. Go back and review your dream and imagination pictures, or your manifestation collages, just to clarify your intention. What might you like to have, to replace what you’re tossing out?

Reread the Basic Principles. Re-read the Artist’s Prayer you wrote in Chapter Four. Remember to do this once a day. Do you have sticky notes and affirmations to yourself around the house from any of our previous work? Are you still reading them? Do they need to be updated? Well, do it!

I leave you with these thoughts, once again from the glorious, deeply honest SARK:

Study receiving. How do you feel about receiving — compliments? Gifts? Suggestions? Help? Money? Praise? Love?

“Are you comfortable in the receiving? What can you learn about yourself?

“I excelled in overfunctioning to such an extent that there was literally no visible room for someone to give to me. I had it all figured out in my demented way – and if I could block receiving, then I didn’t owe anyone, and then they couldn’t control me…

“Give others the opportunity to be generous.”

Indeed. And blessed be.

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  • August 15, 2009, 7:38 am Star

    Everyone must be on vacation! Not too many comments for the past week or so. I am back from between the worlds. I baked yesterday without re-reading the exercises.
    This week, I have been receiving in abundance – a BIG magical working, spontaneous fund raising for Four Quarters following SH camp week. This has been a deep experience in asking for help and being open to receiving. WOW! I never expected as much as the universe is sending and so quickly! Can't go into details right now, as the magical work is continuing until Stones Rising over Labor Day weekend.

    Be there if you can, to see the result of some powerful magic and abundance!


  • August 15, 2009, 10:29 am Cosette

    Why haven't I read this book?!