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Blessings of the Full Moon in Aquarius and Lunar Eclipse

When you’re a vessel from God, you don’t even need a boat!

While this may seem (at first ) like a detour from our discussions, I feel that today’s astrological influence very much supports the work we’re doing. It is time for us to own up to how our creative urges and identities absolutely must be expressed. We discover that abundance will be provided if we do so, for it is truly in our own hands.

This Full Moon in Aquarius falls on a Lunar Eclipse. Astrologer April Elliot Kent writes, “This Full Moon marks the concluding Leo/Aquarius eclipse until 2016-2018, the spiritual punctuation mark at the end of a long sentence. This lunar eclipse is the answer to a question we asked in February 2008, when the first eclipse in these signs fell just a few degrees away from this one, at 17.44 Aquarius (Sabian Symbol: ‘A man being unmasked at a masquerade.’): What have we become, and what is it that we, collectively, have come here to create?

“After two years of play, it’s finally time to get serious – to put on the blinders and devote ourselves in single-minded pursuit of a specific goal.”

She also admonishes that this is “one final chance to bring the promise of the last nineteen months to fruition. Hopefully you’ve spent this time well, gradually unmasking yourself and connecting with people and ideas that reflect your authentic self. You’ve learned to listen to the muses and have started tuning in to ways in which you can begin to create the world you want, using the raw materials of the world as it is.

“But what if you’ve stubbornly held on to your mask? What if you’ve failed to see past the illusion of what you think you should want, instead of recognizing what will make you feel truly alive?

It’s not too late to redeem the promise of this eclipse cycle, and it’s important to do so. Otherwise – without a clear sense of self – you will be hobbled as you move forward to the work of the next eclipse cycle, in Cancer and Capricorn. That’s a cycle that asks us to pull up stakes and move ahead to the next stage of life – to act upon what we’ve discovered about ourselves, and to build the home and career environments that will nurture us and make use of our special gifts. To convert our true souls into societal and vocational currency, and to invest that currency into a future we can believe in.”

Isn’t that exactly what we’ve been talking about? As artists, we are at the leading edge of a new, sustainable, creative definition of prosperity, money and currency.

In addition, my friend and outstanding astrologer Madeline Hill views this eclipse, “as a wild ride… you don’t know how the roller coaster will affect you–will it be exhilarating or are you gonna get off the ride and throw up??

“The eclipse may uncover solutions you’ve been pondering a long time, but they might not have seemed feasible. NOW THEY DO! You might even be excited about the interesting, unprecedented changes you’ll be making…

“What is YOUR story? This week, new chapters will be uncovered, rather energetically, as in SURPRISE!! If you’re an earthy type who abhors a change in routine you better hang onto your hat…

“All of us are in karmic mode.. we will thrive when we open to dramatic shifts that we never dreamed possible… It’s time to STRETCH!”

So as you celebrate your Full Moon rites, and honor this magical moment today, consider this wisdom, again from Ms. Kent:

“The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is ‘A train enters a tunnel.’ Right now, there is something that wants to be born through you, some spirit of creativity that is yours alone to harness and manifest. You are the right person at exactly the right moment in time.

“Like an idea entering the mind or a baby entering the birth canal, it is time for you to become a train entering a tunnel – without distractions, and with no other options, to move forward along a single track. The light you see in the distance, at the end of the tunnel, is life.”

Well, then — L’Chaim! Here’s to life!
More tomorrow!

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