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Immanent Abundance

Goddess Wheel – Lammas © Wendy Andrew
Money is God in action.
— Raymond Charles Barker

We have been examining our core beliefs about the nature of wealth, the meaning of money and what we assume about our own personal relationship with whatever abundance is available.

We have been led to believe, by the self-serving powers and institutions of our past, that prosperity is a rare, trickle down commodity, only available under carefully controlled definitions and circumstances. It is no coincidence that in that same paradigm, a person’s intimate access to the Divine has also required special conditions and an expert intermediary.

But all that is changing. In both cases, the artificial barricades are crumbling.

Imagine that you are surrounded by immanent abundance; it is everywhere. You are swimming in it and it is simply a matter of learning how to tune in to it. Having trouble with that? Seem a little far-fetched?

Okay, well, imagine this: that right this moment, wherever you are, you are surrounded by music: rock, country, classical, jazz. Imagine that you are awash in invisible conversations, information, images – all flowing through the space where you sit, right now. This is not crazy or delusional, it is true. You are. You only need the electronic equipment to tune in. All of that, and more, is available to you.

What if scarcity is not really the way of things, except when humans have interfered with the Flow? What if you simply haven’t known how to connect to it?

We have already seen that current human definitions of money are completely arbitrary. We also know that for many centuries, wealth has been increasingly disconnected from what is natural and good for us, what the Great Giver of Good offers for our nurturance and benefit.

Is it possible that our view of Nature is distorted by our own bloody human story of conquest and battling over scarce resources? How might the picture change if we entertain the notion that the Divine offers plentifulness, and intends for us, personally, like all Her creatures, to thrive, grow, luxuriate in the beauty of Her creation?

And what if you had intimate access to Her bounty at all times? What would that be like? What would you ask for? ? How might this affect your perception of yourself as a creator?

More tomorrow.

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  • July 29, 2009, 9:38 am Anonymous

    Your blog is an act of love. Thank you for this.

  • July 29, 2009, 10:17 am Beth Owl's Daughter

    You are so welcome. Please join us and share anytime.

    – Beth