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Happy Birthday, Leo!

(Slightly belated, my apologies, dearest Leo!)

Leos, so the tradition goes, are “on” 24 hours a day, showing off and behaving like the sexy superstars they often are. Of course, there really is more to Leo than this cartoonish version. Astrologer Jon Cainer notes that while it is true that Leos can be a bit over-the-top, and subtlety often escapes them, they are also very human, imperfect, and even (sometimes) downright insecure.

It’s just that they sometimes have trouble believing they are as frail as the rest of us, so it is difficult to show their vulnerable side.

Leo is ruled by the Sun – so they naturally shine, and leadership is as natural to the healthy Leo as air. Characteristically, Leos are warmhearted, very creative, outgoing and bubbling with enthusiasm. They positively purr in the limelight and can be gifted actors. However, they must guard against believing themselves infallible, and watch out for a tendency to be pompous, patronizing or dogmatic.

For the rest of us, the Sun’s annual return to its traditional home sign is a time to explore and joyfully come to life with courage and daring. Taking risks of expression and creativity mean you have to reveal your true self, and that’s exactly the point.

With the Sun in Leo, this is the ideal time to be more open in what we show to the world, to balance our logic with playfulness, and allow our hearts to lead the way.