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The Space Between Dreams

Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.
— Belva Davis

My big, huge thanks to everyone who is checking in. Thanks especially for your courage to post some of your darker feelings. I am so grateful and honored that you can speak of, not only your successes, but your doubts and difficulties. This may include grief and rage, yes, but also the ambivalent, confused, and not particularly dramatic. The long, tedious-feeling, boring (to ourselves) conflicting situations of our lives can keep us just as stuck, maybe more so, as the explosive derailments.

And I hope that you’ll feel free anytime to comment, not only about whatever topics we’re discussing at that time, but the meta-discussion of how our journey is being conducted – let me know what you need, desire, like and don’t like. I am not the Grand Poobah of The Artist’s Way, but a co-creator with you.

(And yes, that includes you lurkers, too! I know you’re there, and I totally don’t mind if you don’t post – you are absolutely welcome here whether you do or not! But please feel free to comment or email me if you need anything).

As I’ve noted in the comments over the past couple of days, I see that some of you are really encountering the difficult parts of this work. I had quite forgotten just how exhausting and painful this part was, the first time I went through it, because I am in such a different place now. Thank you for reminding me.

At almost the exact moment I began working on The Artist’s Way in 1995, my mom’s breast cancer came back, with a vengeance. So, until her death in 1997, I was driving four hours each way back and forth, every two or three weeks to my parents’ house to help my dad take care of her for a week or so.

There I was, working through TAW, my inner artist springing passionately to life for the first time since childhood. Big Plans and Discarded Dreams were erupting daily like the opposite of Pandora’s box. I was seeing how important my creative recovery was for my own survival. But I was also negotiating my way through a very volatile mixture of grief, illness, dysfunctional family, obligations, duty, and dharma.

There were a lot of dark, dark times – tears, fury, numbness, despair. If this is happening with you, to greater or lesser degrees, well, this sounds weird, but .. Congratulations. Be reassured by it that you are on the right track!

I’ll have more to say about this tomorrow, before we plow ahead. Meantime, I invite you to continue to mull (yes, I love mulling, too!) over the exercises we’ve done these past couple of days. There are more to come!

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  • June 25, 2009, 11:12 am joanna brightbrook

    I wish my hair were longer.

    I wish I had three cats.

    I wish I could go skiing.

    I wish my mom was a better mom.

    I wish I could fly.

    I wish peace were in everyone's heart.

    I wish I lived on a tropical island and had lots of melanin in my skin.

    I wish I lived in a tree house.

    I wish I owned my own plot of land.

    I wish I could know who I would be if I had never had braces, or if I had been encouraged in my dream of being a horticulturist.

    I wish for a million more wishes.

    I wish I could be hairless in the places I want to be hairless without so much time and discomfort involved.

    I wish to undertand how to be more selfless and more true to myself at the same time.

    I wish I could visit Tibet, and blend in (no tourism!)

    I wish I could swim with the dolphins.

    I wish the oceans were healthier right NOW!

    I wish it were easier (or even possible!) to reconcile with my sisters and brother.

    I wish I had an infinite budget for books.

    I wish I had a sunny, fully stocked art studio, and all the time in the world to play in it.

    I wish I could raise a child.

  • June 25, 2009, 12:30 pm joanna brightbrook

    That was so interesting! I did write it really fast, just stopping to see how many I had done. I wasn't expecting most of those. And I think it is funny how they are so varied between the personal, the mundane, the global, and the magical.

  • June 25, 2009, 2:03 pm Liz

    Have flaked out for a bit, because I am indeed exhausted, too many demands on my time, and if darkness merits congratulations, somebody should give me a really big party…also having crazy being chased with intent to harm (me), dreams, wake up, fall back asleep and it picks up right where it left off. Then, wide awake, minutes or hours later, I don't know, and there is this epiphany, and I'm sitting straight up, understanding…if that makes any sense at all…