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Still Learning

Over and over, we have to go back to our beginning. We should not be ashamed of this. It is good. It’s like drinking water.
— Natalie Goldberg

So. How was your weekend? Did you examine where you really are in terms of living your life like you actually have Divine help available at all times? Did you get started with your visualization/imagination collection?

I am learning that I still have a shocking lot of growing to do. On an emotional and even intellectual level, I’m on board, have been for years. But when I look at my behavior, I can see someone who is often still trying to control everything and who is holding on to a lot of limiting beliefs. I know better, really I do. But old habits, especially under stress, need to be dealt with again, and ever deeper.

And so, I am. How about you?

So, we continue with our final tasks for Chapter Five. Last week, our final question was, if I were twenty and had money, what adventures would I treat myself to? Today, we begin from a different perspective:

* If I were sixty-five (or seventy-five if you’re already there!), and had plenty of money, what postponed pleasures would I give myself? Once again, make your list and start to hunt for the images to put in your collection. Julia tells us, “This is a very potent tool. I now live in a house that I imaged for ten years.”

Personally, I think that ten years is unusually long for this kind of magic (for magic it most truly is). I have noticed that once we start to send our desires out into the multiverse in this way, response time speeds up. Replies from Love come flying back to us faster than our wildest dreams!

Here’s our next question.
* Ten ways I am mean to myself are . . . Julia explains that, “Just as making the positive explicit helps allow it into our lives, making the negative explicit helps us to exorcise it.”

* Ten items I would like to own that I don’t are . . . Once again, after you make a list, start to add to your collection with photos, magazine ads; or sketch your desires.

* To be honest, my favorite creative block is . . . .
Is it TV, Facebook, over-reading, eating, friends, work, personal dramas, rescuing people, obsessive exercise, websurfing. . . what? Truth-telling to ourselves can work wonders here. And Julia suggests a very specific way to tell this truth: whether you can draw or not, draw a cartoon of yourself doing this behavior. Yes, humor heals.

* My payoff for staying blocked is . . . This is a good one for deeper exploration in the morning pages.

* The person I blame for being blocked is . . . Again, there are liable to be multiple layers to this answer, so explore it in your pages. Go into some real depth; it may seem simple on the surface, but give this a fair amount of thought.

More tomorrow!

Meantime, yes, this is the last day of the month. On this day, we honor the great Triple Goddess Hecate, Queen of the Night and the Goddess of Witches. Hecate is a protector of women, a mighty advocate for the marginalized, and She who guards the crossroads. It is She who teaches us the ancient Mysteries.

In ancient times, Her worshippers would leave a “Hecate’s Supper” with specially prepared foods as offerings to Her. These offerings are to be left behind at a crossroads at night, without looking back. As we stand at our own crossroads, as artists, creators, healers and awakeners, let us humbly ask Hecate to both guide us, and help us learn to be guided.

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  • June 30, 2009, 9:34 am Star

    Saturday, in my booth at Arts on the Square, I really felt like an artist! I even looked like an artist, with my funky hat. I felt comfortable in this role as if the “shoe” fit perfectly! A very satisfying experience. I learned a lot about myself and my art. Here is a list of just some of the things I learned:

    I need a more professional, consistent and simple display overall.
    I need to simplify what I sell and how much support 'stuff', I bring.
    I need more inventory and a better way to display the jewelry and art.
    I need to make a cloth banner with my business name.
    I need to ask someone to help me all day.
    I need to get my own portable tables.
    White shows off the necklaces, better than black. A plain cloth on the table is better than any pattern.
    Customers were interested in sarongs and small mirrors with painted frames.
    I need a waterproof, light weight, easily erected, shelter.
    I need to be ready for wind and rain at any time.
    I need to be sure I have something to shelter me from the sun.
    It was not possible to do my art or reading at the show.
    Always circulate with the other artists to get ideas and make connections.
    Take only my best pieces for sale.
    There are LOTS of other jewelry vendors at fairs, and some are REALLY good!

    It was worth the time, energy, and money invested to have this experience. I am not ready, ye t, to do any more shows this year. Maybe next year I will be ready. I am still experimenting with style and focus. I hope I will be inspired to choose one specialty and make myself really good at it.

    For now, it was enough to experience that feeling and repeat to myself that “I am an artist”!

  • June 30, 2009, 9:36 am Star

    I am going out of town, so wanted to post these items before I left. I did the exercises, but am not posting them now.

    Despite my previous post from the exercise about "why I cannot believe there is a supportive Goddess", I still happily act as if She exists and have been reading one of the Earth Psalms every day from Angela Magara. I just love the imagery and words in this 'poetry'. I thought I would share the lines from Psalm 25 (these are rewritten from the original Bible version to the Goddess version). I highly recommend this book, by the way.


    Psalm 25

    My soul rises to you, a melody
    Oh Goddess, I trust you but fear the eyes of derision.
    Let me be unafraid, let all we who love you be unashamed of our joy.
    For fear and shame are not our part but is for those who hide from beauty.

    Teach me, show me, the ways and walks of power.
    Lead me in truth and show me how to wait with lightness of being.
    Mercy and love sweetens knowledge.
    Patience is the syrup distilled with the flame of endurance.
    Tho I have been foolish and poured my life into thimbles,
    Yet your loving kindness restores and enriches my memories.
    Your teachings make fruitful each day of my life and I am serene.

    Quietness holds the song of life and humility cups wisdom.
    Dance and sing while the spirit sours into the place of solitude.
    Drum and shout that the body can hold the silence of life.
    Howl and whimper that joy can rise and spread her Phoenix wings.
    Such is the teaching of the Mother.

    Give us the heart unafraid.
    Give us urgency of a rushing stream filled with spring melt.
    Let the banks of our restraint tumble under the rush of ecstasy
    That we may know freedom and rejoice.

    Let our eyes no longer look to form for our substance,
    but let us throw off the our cloak of standards
    and deliver ourselves wholly to celebration.
    For life is a moment, too short to care for acceptance.
    Let us dance without thought
    And sing always to the delight of our souls and the Soul of life.
    That we may be part of the harmony of gladness.

    My eyes turn to the Earth who holds the needle of my compass
    Within whom I can be confident.
    And I rejoice that I am never far from Her shelter.
    Keep me Goddess, when I am afraid
    Hold me when I am foolish
    And enlarge my trust to the fullness of my soul.
    I wait upon you with the open hand of a child.

  • June 30, 2009, 9:38 am Star

    Just one more, because I was so inspired by this!

    Here is one of those synchronicities that happen on this path! For my artist date, I went to the new Garden Art display at the local arts center. Three of my gel ink drawings, including my own image of the Tarot card, Strife, are included in this exhibit. (My first publically displayed art.) After viewing all the pieces on display and rearranging my own work to be oriented as I had intended, I walked around the little shop at the arts center enjoying the air conditioning on a very hot day. I came across a small independently published book called "An Artist's Thought Book, intriguing thoughts about the artistic process", by a local artist named Richard Bargdill. I was blown away by the similarity of his insights to what Julia Cameron is sharing with us as the Artist's Way. Richard's book is a collection of phrases, ideas, thoughts, poetry lines, and philosophical nuggets that concentrate on various aspects of artistic endeavors. They include thoughts about what it means to be an artist, a poet, a painter, a singer and the nature of creativity in general. He calls it a book of implications, hints, whispers and hammers. Here are some of my favorites from the general chapter about artists:

    The mood of the artist is always a mood of disappointment because one's vision of a project is always more pure than the finished product can ever be.

    The artist must continue to live on the edge of one's self.

    Art is really about making commitments to yourself.

    The ability to think, coupled with the inability to work is one of the most difficult features of being an artist.

    Everything is a piece of art if properly contextualized.

    To be an artist is to be in the margins.

    Art is all a search to see one's self as beautiful.

    To be an artist means to be fascinated by the insignificant.

    I understand that art is the EMERGING in me.

    Dreams are the art gallery of the mind.Art is getting your conscious mind out of the way of your unconscious processes; art is the craftsmanship of the unconscious.

    Ultimately, all artistry is letting go – mostly letting go of limitations, rules, frames, self definitions, and of course, self criticisms. So much of art is getting beyond your own personality.

    Well, as you can see, I could go on and on…I found this gem in my own backyard! I have not seen Richard's art yet, I hear it is very modern and off the wall (generally not my taste), but I hope to talk with him one of these days and thank him for his little book which is making a big impact on me. If anyone is interested in obtaining one of these books, I will find out how to do so.


  • June 30, 2009, 11:08 am joanna brightbrook

    Star, thank you for including that beautiful psalm. I had not heard of Angela Magara yet, but now I will look for her book.

  • June 30, 2009, 1:14 pm Beth Owl's Daughter

    Star! These are powerful affirmations and epiphanies! Thank you SO much for sharing.. You have no idea (or probably, you really do!), how much resonance this has for me, and probably many others at this point.

    Joanna – I have quoted Angela's poetry in my weekend offerings many times here (like this past Mother's Day).

    Please do visit her website and get her book, Earth Psalms. I promise you will love it! She is truly amazing, and this book is a masterpiece.

    Feel free to tell her how you heard about her, too! 🙂

    Love and blessings, all you artists!
    – Beth