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Forbidden Joys

I want to sing like birds sing
Not worrying who hears or

What they think.

— Rumi

I really love how many of you decided to color outside the lines on our last exercise, and add an eleventh question, so that it would not end by focusing on what makes us sad! Well done!

As we wind down Chapter Five this week, Julia also moves us into a more upbeat mode with a few more exercises aimed at stimulating our sense of expansiveness and joy. How perfect that this is aligning with the waxing of the Moon, don’t you think?

So today, we have an exercise that focuses on Forbidden Joys! As easy as it sounds, Julia reminds us, “One of the favored tricks of blocked creatives is saying no to ourselves. It is astonishing the number of small ways we discover to be mean and miserly with ourselves. When I say this to my students, they often protest that this is not true – that they are very good to themselves. Then I ask them to do this exercise.”

Evidently, we are about to find out that as indulgent and kind to ourselves as we think we are, it may, in fact, be otherwise. Let’s see, shall we?

List ten things that you would love to do, but are not “allowed” to. I am going to post some of hers, but add some different ones, because frankly, I think most of hers are pretty tame and not all that daring for many of us.

1) Go dancing
2) Hire someone to clean my house

3) Wear red cowboy boots to work

4) Go on a real vacation

5) Sleep as long as I want

6) Streak my hair blue

7) Move to the beach

8) Take a serious art class

9) Direct a play

10) Take flying lessons

Do you get the idea? As she explains, sometimes just writing these things down will dissolve the barriers that prevent you from following through. What wild, or nurturing, or impossible, or taboo secret desires do you have? Really spend some time on this, and push your envelope.

Write them down, and then post them someplace highly visible to remind you! And I do hope you’ll share them with us.

More tomorrow!

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  • June 24, 2009, 6:07 am Beth Owl's Daughter

    Really? Nobody?

  • June 24, 2009, 2:46 pm Thalia

    Well I'm here. I'm thinking about it. I'm a muller, usually.

    It does feel like it's going too fast for me, but I figured that was just me. I can be very sllooooowwwww at things.

    Ten things I would love to do but am not allowed to do:

    1. Live alone
    2. Go away somewhere by myself
    3. Live as a witch
    4. Make that kitchen mine
    5. Redecorate anything in this house
    6. Which I guess is all breaking down to that I don't feel I am allowed to claim this space as my own or live here as myself.

    Which then I guess also includes stuff like

    7. Have a lover
    8. Take the car and just drive
    9. Buy good food
    10. Make money

    Filled those out fast with the first things that came to mind. Oy and ugh.

    I gotta say that this is kind of not "stimulating [my] sense of expansiveness and joy," really.

    Still feeling kind of deadpan grim today I guess.

  • June 24, 2009, 7:19 pm freak22

    I have to agree with Thalia that I tend to think things over, and that this is not very stimulating. in fact its kind of depressing because some of these circumstances in my life cannot change right now. my husband lost his job a year ago and still has not found work so any thing that takes money, including gas in the car to drive there is very very difficult for me to do.

    I have gotten better and the things I would love to do around the house especially since starting this journey with you Beth. I tell my husband about what I'm doing and he ties to help. like last month he helped me arrange a part of the living room just for me and my writing because before then I could never find a comfortable place to work my art.

    All the things I would put on a list of things I'm not allowed to do are the things that take money that right now I don't have and it hurts to remind my self for the 100th time what I want that I can't do.

    But I have my life my love and my family so as they say this too shall pass and then I'll be able to dance on the beach as sunset like I haven't done in over 5 years.

  • June 24, 2009, 9:21 pm freak22

    clearly Thalia is not the only one in a mood. well now that I've gotten that out in a safe environment I think I'm going to really try this exercise.

    Ten things I would love to do if it were allowed.

    1. Dance on the beach at sunset
    2. Buy every book that I love to read rather then rent them from the library
    3. spend more time with my family
    4. spend a week with my family in Portland
    5. be a full time student
    6. get a new horse
    7. visit San Fransisco again
    8. live my pagan path out loud
    9. stop talking to some of my blood relatives (totally a virtue trap)
    10. drive some where I've never been

    after my little rant I started to think over this whole Virtue Trap and i know that I have been in this.
    I've been aware of it for months even if i didn't have a name for it. I have many friends who will tell you that I have repeatedly told them "some times you just have to be a bit selfish and its okay" I just realized as we got to some of the hard questions on this journey that I do not take my own advice at all. so about two months ago I started to remind my self that I need to be selfish some times and I have done some of that. my husband even reminds me to take that time because he knows how important it is for me.eek I'm a mess

  • June 25, 2009, 7:11 am Beth Owl's Daughter

    No, not a mess; just, let's say, a not quite completely baked cake! 🙂

    – Beth (who evidently needs to go
    eat breakfast)…

  • July 5, 2009, 6:51 am Jen

    Ten things I would love to do but am not allowed to do:
    1. Wear a sexy outfit
    2. Cut off my long hair
    3. Participate in a public pagan ritual
    4. Take a painting or drawing class
    5. Take a ballroom dancing class
    6. Take yoga classes
    7. Learn to belly dance
    8. Go on a writer's retreat
    9. Get a Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.
    10. "Break up" with a toxic friend.