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Reading Deprivation Tasks, Pt. 1

We are always doing something, talking, reading, listening to the radio, planning what next. The mind is kept naggingly busy on some easy, unimportant external thing all day.
— Brenda Ueland

During our upcoming reading deprivation week, we are urged to continue with our morning pages, and it really is the ideal time to treat ourselves to a juicy rendezvous with our muse or daimon. Otherwise called by the humble name of “artist date.”

In addition, Julia offers several tasks for us. You might want to write them down now, if you are going to stretch them out over the week, since you won’t be checking back here, right? Of course, if you have the book, she notes that yes, you may read and do these exercises:

1. Environment: Describe your ideal environment. Town? Country? Swank? Cozy? One paragraph. One image, drawn or clipped that conveys this. What’s your favorite season? Why? Go through some magazines and find an image of this (be careful

2. Time travel: Describe yourself at eighty (or ninety, if you are eighty!). What did you do after fifty that you enjoyed? Be very specific. Now write a letter from you at eighty to you at your current age. What would you tell yourself? What interests would you urge yourself to pursue? What dreams would you encourage?

3. Time travel: Remember yourself at eight. What did you like to do? What were your favorite things? Now, write a letter from you at eight to you at your current age. What would you tell yourself?

4. Environment: Look at your house. Is there any room that you could make into a secret, private space for yourself? Convert the TV room? Buy a screen or hang a sheet and cordon off a section of some other room? This will be your dream area. It should be decorated for fun and not as an office. All you really need is a chair or pillow, something to write on, some kind of little altar area for flowers and candles. This is to help you center on the fact that creativity is a spiritual, not an ego, issue.

More tomorrow!

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  • May 23, 2009, 12:14 pm Liz

    Yesterdays post, yes, you can, made me think, um, no I can’t. But now I am beginning to actually look forward to this, breaking free from the norm, feels liberating somehow. And, YES, I can…

  • May 23, 2009, 1:17 pm Beth Owl's Daughter

    – B.

  • May 23, 2009, 7:39 pm freak22

    I was checking on my fruit trees today, something I normally do on the weekends this time of year, and as I looked at my overly abundant plum tree I thought to my self “well that’s one thing I can do next week when I’m not reading I can spend time with my trees and really make sure they are doing well, after all plants like to have company too.”
    wow as scary as it is I am really starting to look forward to this whole thing. The first time I read the words ‘reading deprivation’ on your blog it felt like my heart fell to my toes. I think I was a bit shell shocked even, but now with time to think about it and with Beth’s great advice and ideas about what she might do with this time I’m all most exited for Tuesday to come.