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Happy Birthday, Gemini!

Today, the Sun enters Gemini, sign of the Twins. Influenced by Mercury, who rules Gemini, the next thirty days are especially favorable for learning and studies of all kinds. This is why for many centuries Spring final exams have been held in late May and early June in Western countries. Although we are in a Mercury retrograde, this time generally favors communications, and all enterprises that are opportunistic and flexible in nature. Interestingly, there was a Mercury retrograde in the month of Gemini last year, as well.

According to some, Witches born under this sign are Jacks-of-all-trades. They’re trivia experts who keep an amazing amount of information about the strangest things in their brains. They are wonderful with words. They are true eclectics, following the creed that says, “The eclectic only steals from the very best.”

Geminis generally go with the flow and are very flexible with whatever is happening around them. However, this adaptability makes it sometimes challenging for them to stay focused and see things through to completion.

They are the networkers in their communities, but have a tendency to also be gossipy. Their intentions are rarely malicious, though, and their ebullient personalities will eventually charm everyone’s forgiveness.

Telepathy comes easily to Geminis. They love to blog, write and communicate their magical experiences, and they are born poets. They’re also the ones who are constantly on their cell and checking in on email. Gemini will be the first person with the latest communications gadgets and toys.