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Answered Prayers

When a man takes one step toward God, God takes more steps toward that man than there are sands in the worlds of time.

Work of the Chariot, mentored by Daniel E. Bloxsom

No doubt about it – the anger that flares up when our artist self first re-awakens can be scary. To see all the ruin, lost time, the hurt we’ve ignored, the ways we’ve endured imprisonment and loss of our powerful identities – yes, it’s painful and can be infuriating.

Which is why Julia warns us that this step in our recovery is one fraught with drama and sharp spikes of emotional ups and downs. But besides anger, there are other parts of our recovery that might be even more frightening.

As spiritual people (as most of my readers are!), we are used to working with energy, prayer, intention and magic. Yet one of the most shocking things that can happen, even after all these years of practice, is to have our most secret, personal prayers answered.

We’re used to seeing the Goddess work in mysterious ways. But it can be very disconcerting when She responds to us unveiled — powerfully, clearly and quickly. So often, we’re more comfortable calling answered prayers “synchronicity” or “coincidence.”

Julia gives some interesting examples:
* A woman admits to her long-buried dream of acting. At dinner the next night, she sits beside a man who teaches beginning actors.

* A writer acknowledges a dream to go to film school. A single exploratory phone call connects him with a professor who knows and admires his work and promises him that the last available slot is now his.

* A woman is thinking about going back to school and opens her mail to find a letter requesting her application from the very school she was thinking of.

* A woman wonders how to rent a rare film she has never seen. She finds it at her neighborhood bookstore two days later.

It can be very disconcerting to have our most delicate, tentative explorations being suddenly responded to with a shove and a loud YES!!!

As deeply faithful as we may be, in general, it is still hard to receive a direct, personal response to our heart’s private longings. Are we crazy? Is this really happening? Just a coincidence?

To feel, not only affirmation from the Universe, but like we’re being yanked right off of our feet – this is what we most hope for, and yet fear as well. After all, it means we are, to a great extent, responsible.

Julia writes, “People talk about how dreadful it would be if there were no God. I think such talk is hooey. Most of us are a lot more comfortable feeling we’re not being watched too closely.”

What do you believe? Have you ever experienced the sensation that there is personal Divine assistance available to you? What prayers do you long to have answered? Are there any that you fear will be heard?

More tomorrow!

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  • April 16, 2009, 10:33 am joanna brightbrook

    Recently I had a quite pointed, and unexpected answer to a prayer/desire.

    I have had some personal struggle at my job of 1 year, because when I started working there I got the impression that the dress code was rather liberal. The woman that trained me had tattoos on her neck and hands, to be exact. I am also tattooed, but mostly on my upper arms.

    Last summer, however, it turned out that my arm tattoos were NOT appropriate, and I was asked to cover them up. The woman that trained me was long gone, and I was told that because she had been about to leave the agency, the management had not asked her to cover herself.

    Imagine my distress and also confusion. Especially since I am dedicated to becoming a more authentic me . . .

    So, last new moon, when spring was warm and balmy for a week here in Oregon, I was becoming more and more agitated about the prospect of being required to cover myself in the summer. I exclaimed at our new moon ritual something about wanting to be in places where all aspects of myself were fully appreciated, and not considered inappropriate.

    Two or three days later, as I was walking to work, I saw something bright and shiny in the bushes. I love bright and shiny so I went and picked it up. It was a lightweight, fashionable, silver cardigan sweater. An expensive brand that I wouldn’t usually buy for myself, and my size. There was a small stain on it, but I got it out quite easily.

    Goddess was telling me — cover yourself, child!

    And, I will need to do so, because after the sweater showed up my partner was laid off and we cannot afford for me to lose my job as well!!

    blessed be

  • April 16, 2009, 6:10 pm Star

    Interesting that you should bring this up. I was looking at one of my annual Dream Sheets for 2006 last week. These Dream Sheets are a form of ‘prayer’ and intention setting where I list all the things I wish for. I checked off the items on that list that had been accomplished. There were also some that became unnecessary, since I moved. All of the intentions written on that list have been manifested! This seems to happen for me often, if I am very clear about what I want and write it down. One of the biggest desires on that 2006 list was a nice home in which to live…that was accomplished with the help of my mate and is the underlying foundation that allows me to now follow the Artist Way path. I am grateful every day!


  • April 17, 2009, 5:32 am Beth Owl's Daughter

    Ooo! These are wonderful stories, you two!

    Thanks so much for sharing them!