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Spring Awakenings

The interpretation that makes you ardent and hopeful and active and reverent is the true one.
— Rumi

How is your Artist recovery going? It feels like it’s been a while since we checked in. Are you doing your morning pages? How are they going? What about your artist dates?

Over the weekend, of course, we celebrated the turning of the Wheel of the Year. A new season has now begun. Here in the northern latitudes, we can feel the stirring of growth, the awakening of the Green realms and the fragrant, beckoning, come-hither of almost all living beings.

Like tender new shoots, our creative yearnings also reach out for the warming light. But, like baby sprouts, we are at risk during these first heady days. A sudden freeze can strike, sometimes without warning. That “freeze” for us is our exposure to toxic people and situations that, in previous times, might have been “normal.” They aren’t anymore.

Julia writes, “Be very careful to safeguard your newly recovering artist. Often, our creativity is blocked by falling in with other peoples’ plans for us. We want to set aside time for our creative work, but we feel we should do something else instead. As blocked creatives, we focus not on our responsibilities to ourselves, but on our responsibilities to others. We tend to think such behavior makes us good people. It doesn’t. It makes us frustrated people.

“The essential element in nurturing our creativity lies in nurturing ourselves. Through self-nurturance, we nurture our inner connection to the Great Creator. Through this connection our creativity will unfold. Paths will appear for us. We need to trust the Great Creator and move out in faith.

“Repeat: the Great Creator has gifted us with creativity.
Our gift back is our use of it. Do not let friends squander your time.”

Yes, I well know this can be tough. We all have multiple responsibilities, agreements and promises to keep, and our interconnections to our families, friends and communities are important to us. But if they are not balanced on our behalf as creators, these connections can be perilous. This is especially true when, knowingly or not, those we are intertwined with have demands that somehow keep us continually putting our creative longings on the back burner.

This happens in a number of ways, which call for various strategies. More tomorrow!