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Blessings of the Leo Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Astrologer Rhea Wolf tells us, “The build-up of energy in Aquarius – Mars, Jupiter, North Node, Sun, Chiron, Neptune – means that change is the first order of business in our ‘Emerging Consciousness Manual.’ You may be reeling from all the buzz and blam of this Full Moon. Too busy? Stressed out? Sick and tired? Breaking down? Join the eclipse club. All the commotion might be shaking out in beautiful, creative ways for you as well. But chances are there’s a lot of activity and not much time to think.”

She adds, “Leo is the artist, the leader, and the child, adding a bit of glamour, encouragement and humor to our lives. Usually, a Full Moon in Leo would be the time to revel in the majesty of the Self and work some major self-love spells. This year, we must add a dose of action and service to this prescription.”

Of course, astrologer Lynn Hayes also reminds us, “Not everyone experiences eclipses the same way, and some of us won’t notice anything, which is perfectly normal. We may simply feel inclined to focus on events in our life in a certain way, or we may find that something is revealed to us.”

Either way, I agree with Rhea, who tells us, “To open to the energy of this Full Moon, think of yourself as a channel for inspiration and Divine Love. As a channel, you are fluid and changeable. As a channel, you will be filled and emptied and filled again. As a channel, you are ‘the route through which a message is sent’ and you have a responsibility to report that message.”

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