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Hail to Hecate

Let us not forget that this is the last day of the month, and so is sacred to the great Triple Goddess, Hecate. On this day, we honor the Her as Queen of the Night and the Goddess of Witches. Hecate is a protector of women, mighty advocate for the disenfranchised, and She who guardsContinue reading Read more

Saturday Video

As we discover our true creative, artistic natures, we become creators and healers. Our creative talents are desperately needed, to reveal and overcome the false messages of vested interests, and find solutions to the quiet, but increasingly urgent crisis of global climate change:

Baby Steps

It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person: Always do what you are afraid to do.— Ralph Waldo Emerson With few, fortunate exceptions, many of us are discouraged early on from making serious financial or career commitments to our youthful artistic yearnings. These messages often come as dire warnings,Continue reading Read more

Step One: Recovering a Sense of Safety (cont.)

Reason is powerless in the expression of Love. — Rumi If I had to pick one of the most consistent themes of the human experience that I see in my Tarot practice, it would be the suffering that people undergo when, for any number of reasons, they are unable to connect to or express theirContinue reading Read more

Step One: Recovering a Sense of Safety

Our aspirations are our possibilities.— Samuel Johnson Julia’s book was written as a 12-week program, mirroring the 12-step recovery process of Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar programs. Well, it took me more like 4 or 5 months, not 12 weeks, when I was working through it my first time.I am not sure how long itContinue reading Read more

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