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The Year 2009 in Tarot: The Justice Year

As you may know from my articles on the subject, the numerology of your birthday, or of a particular year, may correspond to the Tarot, particularly the Major Arcana (the trumps). Using this system, we can discover much about the traits and patterns that may be anticipated in a given year.

This year, 2009 would be 2+0+0+9 =11. So this is the Tarot Year of Justice. Or is it Strength?

One of the most controversial things that Arthur Waite did when he and Pamela Colman Smith created their new Tarot deck in 1909, was to switch the order of the Eight and the Eleven of the Major Arcana.

So for people who prefer other decks, this year is the Tarot year of Strength, and 2006 was the Justice year. To read about the attributes of the Strength year, you can visit here.

I believe it is worthwhile to bear the older order in mind, but by and large, I believe that we can anticipate a big year for Justice.

The Justice year always heralds a new beginning. After the many changes and turns of Fate in a Wheel of Fortune year, as last year was, it brings a much-needed time when we can adjust to and assimilate what has occurred.

In a Justice year, we need to evaluate wisely, determining what to keep in our lives, and what is no longer true or right for us. It is the opportunity to judge how we can restore balance and harmony.

If there is any single theme in a Justice year, it would be about choosing what is fair.. fair to us, and fair to the greater good of all. In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the Goddess Justitia sits on Her throne, without a blindfold, in order to see clearly the evidence and facts before Her. In a Justice year, clear-eyed evaluation and truth-telling is vital. Candor and scrupulous honesty will be essential.

Certainly, legal matters will be a priority, as well as issues having to do with finances, property, contracts and business or personal partnerships.

Global Justice

On the world stage, we can clearly see this in some of the most urgent matters on Barack Obama’s agenda, starting of course with the many complex facets of the economic crisis.

Other Justice issues on the national level will certainly involve the future of Guantanamo, the legal rights of detainees, undocumented immigration, civil liberties vs. the Patriot Act, the questions around last year’s dismissals of the U.S. Attorneys, as well as the numerous issues having to do with the Executive branch powers, and the Constitutional laws that have been tested under the Bush administration.

But beyond these thorny temporal matters, Justice is also about, as Tarot expert Rachel Pollack notes, the “psychic laws of Justice, by which we advance according to our ability to understand the past.” This is a time for karmic payback, which, sooner or later, always comes around.

This is not about punishment, but it is about adjustment. For better or worse, things will work out the way that they must. Balance must be restored, based on the decisions and actions that have been taken in the past.

Therefore I suggest that this be a major focus of your intention for the year ahead. Make sure that you are on the side of what is righteous and fair.

One area in which you can make an enormous difference is to be an activist for tolerance and justice. The days of bigotry and hatred can only truly come to an end when well-meaning people take action to defeat them at every opportunity.

Here are some excellent suggestions, from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nationally recognized leader in the fight against hate crimes. You can help promote tolerance and justice for all:

* Speak up when you hear slurs. Let people know that bias speech is unacceptable. Apathy is as dangerous as hate.

* Cross social boundaries. Seek out opportunities to interact with people who are different from you, ex: eat lunch with someone new.

* Complain to the media outlets that promote stereotypes.

* Look inside yourself for hidden biases. You can even test yourself here.

* Encourage your local law enforcement officials to identify bias-motivated criminal acts as hate crimes.

As we see the consequences of our previous choices, this year can bring us a golden opportunity to adjust our path forward accordingly. We can take this time to consider what our own right choices and preferences are, as well as what is truly right or wrong for the good of all.

It is up to us to wield the sword of Justice, in order to bring the scales back into balance. We must now do whatever is necessary, no matter how challenging, in order to gain, or re-gain equilibrium.

This may not always be an easy time, and certainly the lessons of the Strength Year may be needed. But the Justice Year promises to be a time when real wisdom and renewal are possible.


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